DPlife Features Anthony Hagen

Anthony Hagen’s video is available on DPlife.info. DPlife.info introduces you to Anthony Hagen, one of many Unificationists that come from a diverse religious and cultural background seeking to live and... Read more

The 47th True Heavenly Parent Day Celebrations

Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents of humankind, offer the midnight prayer for God’s Day, Cheon Jeong Gung, South Korea, 2012. We are one week away from celebrating the 47th True Heavenly Parent... Read more

DPlife.info: Just Keep Sharing

dplife.info/share Japanese version From National Headquarters, President Dr. Michael Balcomb introduces DPlife.info, an easy way to share our faith and create success in our outreach... Read more

Colorado Family Church Seeks Pastor

Colorado Family Church
The Colorado Family Church is seeking a pastor. We are a community of 63 families in sunny Denver at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. We welcome both first and second generation Unificationist... Read more

Foundation Day Hoondok Reading Contest

Hoondok Contest
Represent our North American Region (U.S./Canada/Caribbean) in Korea for the International Hoondok Contest on February 11, 2014! As a part of the Foundation Day Anniversary celebration, this contest... Read more

Preparing for Providential Events

NOTE: The following is a translation of True Mother’s Hoon Dok Hwe at Kona King Garden on January, 18, 2014. This is an unofficial translation and should not be considered authoritative or quoted in any... Read more

Website Survey On-Going

We want to say “Thank You” to all those who took the website survey. Based on feedback so far we are combining unificationnews.com and familyfed.org into one website. From January 21st, unificationnews.com... Read more

This Week in History: January 19–25

True Parents with dignitaries at Assembly 2000
“This Week in History” briefly lists significant events in the history of the Unification Church, the lives of the Founders and world events that are momentous to... Read more