Proclaiming a New Age

This week in history, January 4-10, Miss Kim begins the American mission and True Father proclaims the Completed Testament... Read more

FUSION: NEXTGEN Training Workshop

NextGen Trainings, an affiliate of NextGen Academy, is holding FUSION, a transformational family workshop that will help participants become skillful in listening, communicating and loving each other and... Read more

A New You for the New Year

The New Year is upon us and while it’s important to take stock of where we are and make new plans and goals, it’s also important to look back and see what we have accomplished. Once we can see the big... Read more

Your Weekly Update

Every Friday the national ministry team compiles stories and important upcoming events in a quick weekly update video. In the last weekly update for 2014, get caught up on the latest news from the witnessing... Read more

CARP Youth Living Intentionally

This past year True Mother placed great emphasis on the leadership education of our youth, referring to programs such as GPA and CARP as viable options. As 2015 approaches and many families are setting plans... Read more

Upcoming Events, Fundraisers and Resources

UTS is offering a new one year diploma and ministerial leadership courses, BIA is launching a crowd funding campaign for a new multi-purpose assembly room, a DP life workshop experience will be held in New... Read more

The Spirit and Physical World Are One

This week in history, the “Cloud of Witnesses” messages are collected from spirit world, The News World begins publication, God’s Day is established and True Father declares the Day of Victory of... Read more

Las Vegas Outreach Continues

This morning, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chair of FFWPU USA, brought gifts of encouragement and good health from True Mother to the 36 Unificationists from Korea who have been working closely with the nine... Read more