Kids Got Talent!

  Sansu and Yonsu Marianov—brothers and young Unificationists living in Bulgaria—competed in their nation’s television program “Bulgaria’s Got Talent 2014” in May, making it to the semifinals.... Read more

A Momentous Kickoff

The God’s Hope for America tour is successfully on its way! The 43-day revival road trip, split into six regions of the continental United States, completed its Kickoff mini-tour on June 25. So far, the tour... Read more

Barrytown College Reaches its Enrollment Goal

Barrytown College recently hit a milestone when it reached its recruitment goal for the 2014-2015 school year. The HSA board found the recruitment results for the Fall 2014 class at Barrytown College to be... Read more

Owning the Media: From Consumer to Connoisseur

DP Life concludes a month-long expedition to discover how we can navigate the media—books, music, movies, and the internet—as people who are conscious of God’s values and want to practice them in our... Read more

DP Life on Being Epic

  The stories that last the longest are those that speak to the human desire to be the superhero. The last 6 and half decades has seen 7 Superman films, 6 abandon Superman films and several spin offs. A... Read more

The World Cup is a World Game

  Millions around the world are tuning in to this year’s World Cup—the international soccer tournament that occurs every four years, pitting countries against each other yet somehow bringing the world... Read more