Starting the Year with Our Heavenly Parent

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim joined families from the Westrock Family Church who gathered at 7 A.M. Friday morning for an intimate, prayerful observance of the day. Just over a hundred families in Clifton, NJ celebrated... Read more

Historical Video Footage of True Parents

On the Eve of True Heavenly Parent’s Day, helps share our joyful faith traditions with the world by featuring historical video footage of our True Parents celebrating the 1983 True Heavenly... Read more

Understanding the Heavenly Calendar

Here is a brief explanation of the lunar calendar as is concerns the new heavenly calendar. To have a more in-depth understanding of the lunar calendar read last year’s UC magazine installment of Blind Men... Read more

DPlife Features Anthony Hagen

Anthony Hagen’s video is available on introduces you to Anthony Hagen, one of many Unificationists that come from a diverse religious and cultural background seeking to live and... Read more