From War to Freedom

This week in history: June 22-28True Father is installed as the chairman of the Korean Root-Finding AssociationThe Korean War breaks out with the invasion of North Korea into South KoreaTrue Father speaks to... Read more

Father’s Prayer at Twin Peaks

Reverend Sun Myung Moon May 24, 1993, 11:00 p.m. San Francisco, California Translated by Do Wan Kim and Yang Lan Lee In the first twelve cities of the Thirty-Three City Tour (May 13 to 24, 1993) True Father... Read more


At the end of a long workday, many of us like to come home to our families and enjoy an hour in front of the television, getting our minds off our busy lives and taking a break with the stories we see on... Read more

We Embark on a Journey to Revive God’s Hope

This week, we look forward to an exciting six weeks on the road beginning this Sunday, June 22. The God’s Hope for America revival road trip kickoff is preceded by the Family Federation for World Peace and... Read more

Join God’s Hope for America in Las Vegas

The God’s Hope for America revival road trip kicks off this Sunday! The kickoff celebration will run through Wednesday, June 25 and will span the regions of San Francisco to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. To... Read more

Music Therapy by DP Life

This week, DP Life talked about music—creating a healthy music culture and using music in constructive ways. Today’s blog post closes the series with a list of tips on how to make your life more musical.... Read more

24+ Connect Retreat

Many Unificationist young adult singles feel a contradiction as part of a faith community in which being a great spouse and parent are among the top values—especially as one nears the “ripe old age” of... Read more

Let’s Talk about Music

Music is a universal language that touches the souls of everyone; people love hearing music, talking about music, and creating it. This week DP Life experienced the potential of this topic to excite people and... Read more