Happy Independence Day!

Everyone knows the fourth of July is a time to celebrate, enjoy a cookout with friends and watch the fireworks with awe. However it is also a time to reflect with gratitude on the many blessings bestowed upon... Read more

DP Life Singing Contest Winners Announced

DP Life asked readers to think more deeply about the media they consume each day, giving examples of constructive and destructive media to consider in books, movies, music and television. These articles were... Read more

Spontaneity is Meeting Halfway with God

Many moments in life require us veering of the map, digressing from the lesson plan or straying from the recipe, and taking a leap of faith into the unknown and unplanned. That is, if we ever want anything... Read more

A Time to be United, Inside and Out

On July 1, 2014 True Mother gave her bi-monthly Hoon Dok Hae to Unificationists at the Cheon Jeong Gung in Cheongpyeong, Korea. During this time, True Mother announced the appointment of Sun-jin Moon, her... Read more

Cheon Il Guk Constitution Education

Visiting Chicago on June 26 as part of a five-city tour of the U.S. to introduce the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, Dr. Jin Choon Kim, vice chairman of the Supreme Council, was welcomed by some 90 members of the... Read more

A Ride through the Desert

From Las Vegas to Dallas, the God’s Hope for America tour has had another interesting and inspiration-filled run. The 43-day revival road trip, split into six regions and 14 mini-tours of the continental... Read more

Declarations and Blessings

This week in history: June 15-21The Washington Declaration was the second of three declarations made by True Parents on interreligious peace.2,075 couples were blessed in marriageTrue Father announced the... Read more

A True American Humanitarian

Katherine Duncan, Ambassador for Peace Each place on the God’s Hope for America road trip is unique. We have seen a lot of amazing sights, but the one thing in common at every location is the wonderful... Read more

Civil Rights Icon to Greet Tour

Ms. Annie Mable McDaniel Abrams The 48-state God’s Hope for America bus tour welcomes Ms. Annie Mable McDaniel Abrams, a legendary Civil Rights activist and educator in Pulaski County, Arkansas, who will... Read more

Kids Got Talent!

  Sansu and Yonsu Marianov—brothers and young Unificationists living in Bulgaria—competed in their nation’s television program “Bulgaria’s Got Talent 2014” in May, making it to the semifinals.... Read more