Unificationists Share Local Best-Kept Secrets

  Wherever we go in life, we can take the easy route and get simple results, or we can take the “long way” and have a much richer experience. This can be applied to traveling – something you may be... Read more

Locals Lend a Hand in Camp Mozumdar Revival

High atop the San Bernardino Mountains in South­ern California, Camp Mozumdar, marked by its gold-spired temple, is a unique and awe-inspiring place. The “Temple of Christ” and the “pillars of... Read more

Let Us Strive to Continue Our Efforts

On July 7, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, continental director of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), attended the Cheon Il Guk Supreme Council meeting inCheongpyeong, Korea where he met with True... Read more

Conquering Life’s Ups and Downs

Unificationists may have often heard the Divine Principle insight about the original mind. In the exact words, it says, “We find a great contradiction in every person. Within the self-same individual are... Read more

Chosen By God

This week in history: July 6-12True Father declared his messiahship publicly for the first time.Kyung Yu Moon, True Father’s father, was born.Roman Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo returns to his wife,... Read more

God’s Hope on Independence Day

There is something distinctly peaceful, positive and active about Alabama that can’t be felt anywhere else in the United States. Whether it’s the strength of spirit that enabled Alabamians to rebuild after... Read more

Introducing the DP Life Playlist

DP Life has been encouraging media literacy: the conscious consumption of media—be it books, movies or music—and pursuing the knowledge of a particular song or film’s message and connotations. When... Read more

America Is God’s Home

We have finished our Homest­ead portion of the God’s Hope for America tour and have celebrated knowing that we are one family under God everywhere we go. In Oklahoma City we looked back on the history of... Read more

Understanding True Mother’s Life Course

At the monthly National Headquarters staff meeting, held this month on July 2 at the New Yorker Hotel, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, continental director of FFWPU, shared his heart and understanding of True Mother since... Read more