Introducing the DP Life Playlist

DP Life has been encouraging media literacy: the conscious consumption of media—be it books, movies or music—and pursuing the knowledge of a particular song or film’s message and connotations. When... Read more

America Is God’s Home

We have finished our Homest­ead portion of the God’s Hope for America tour and have celebrated knowing that we are one family under God everywhere we go. In Oklahoma City we looked back on the history of... Read more

Understanding True Mother’s Life Course

At the monthly National Headquarters staff meeting, held this month on July 2 at the New Yorker Hotel, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, continental director of FFWPU, shared his heart and understanding of True Mother since... Read more


We are now on the second week of the God’s Hope for America tour. Following our Desert Rider mini tour is now the Homestead mini tour. It has been a great experience of spiritual revival so far. Following... Read more

New National UPF President Visits Chicago

Ricardo de Sena Movers and shakers from Chicago recently gathered at the Woo Lae Oak Korean restaurant to meet the new leader of Universal Peace Federation (UPF USA), Ricardo de Sena.  Senor de Sena had been... Read more

Happy Independence Day!

Everyone knows the fourth of July is a time to celebrate, enjoy a cookout with friends and watch the fireworks with awe. However it is also a time to reflect with gratitude on the many blessings bestowed upon... Read more

DP Life Singing Contest Winners Announced

DP Life asked readers to think more deeply about the media they consume each day, giving examples of constructive and destructive media to consider in books, movies, music and television. These articles were... Read more

Spontaneity is Meeting Halfway with God

Many moments in life require us veering of the map, digressing from the lesson plan or straying from the recipe, and taking a leap of faith into the unknown and unplanned. That is, if we ever want anything... Read more

A Time to be United, Inside and Out

On July 1, 2014 True Mother gave her bi-monthly Hoon Dok Hae to Unificationists at the Cheon Jeong Gung in Cheongpyeong, Korea. During this time, True Mother announced the appointment of Sun-jin Moon, her... Read more

Cheon Il Guk Constitution Education

Visiting Chicago on June 26 as part of a five-city tour of the U.S. to introduce the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, Dr. Jin Choon Kim, vice chairman of the Supreme Council, was welcomed by some 90 members of the... Read more