A Delightful and Inspiring Read, No Caveats

Review by Bob Selle of A Fevered Land by Dennis Morrow (Dog Ear Publishing, 192 pages)Bob Selle, a 41-year veteran of the Unification movement, is an independent writer and editor who lives and works in the... Read more

The Month of Harvest and Liberation

True Mother delivered a message on the importance of having a dream and living a life spent pursing the dream of Cheon Il Guk Hoon Dok Hwe (daily study of the Word within the family) on October 1, 2014 at the... Read more

True Father’s Wish for Us

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU North America) spoke on October 8 in New York, addressing Unificationist leaders in America. He gave his... Read more

Local Areas Celebrate Religious Harmony

In honor of True Father’s Seonghwa Anniversary, Unificationist congregations in Mobile, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, Columbus, Ohio and Salt Lake City, Utah marked the occasion with interfaith celebrations... Read more

All the Lands We Loved

This week in history: October 5-11The Cheongpa-dong Church is purchasedThe Belvedere estate is purchasedCARP confronts communism in West GermanyA post-9/11 conference on “Global Violence: Conflict and... Read more

Benin Youth Unite with Vision 2020

True Mother has been adamant that the success of bringing about a world of peace and accomplishing True Parents’ vision hinges on educating and raising young leaders. Around the world, Unificationists have... Read more

The Relationship between Love and Success

In hindsight, many people look back on their lives and wish they had done things differently. Specifically, loving better is one of the top things people wish they could go back and try again, having, in their... Read more

Omedetou Gozaimasu Japan Unification Church!

Dr. Michael Balcomb offers congratulatory remarks in Japanese on the occasion of the 55th Anniversary of the Japanese Unification Church. He Thanks our Japanese brothers and sisters for all their hard work and... Read more