Father’s Words in Washington D.C. (2003)

Washington D.C. 17 May 2003 Joon-ho Seuk made a foundation by pioneering a difficult path like an obedient sheep. Previously, the Soviet communists did all kinds of things together with orthodox... Read more

The Owner of Re-creation (2003)

East Garden 2 May 2003 Now is a time of great transition. All Unification Church members must go beyond the way of life we had in the past. From now, we should live up to every plan we make. I’m... Read more

God’s Fatherland and the One World (2002)

Founder’s Remarks Ambassadors for Peace Conference in Kona, Hawaii December 9, 2002 – Kona, Hawaii Respected leaders of religion, politics, and academia from around the world, renowned... Read more

God is Our King and True Parent (2001)

Canaan Baptist Church Harlem, NY May 8, 2001 Respected ladies and gentlemen: I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your participation in this rally despite your busy public and private... Read more