This Week on True Parents Way

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This week on True Parents Way, Dr. Tyler Hendricks discusses how the restoration of the world begins in the family, the inclusive nature of Cheon Il Guk, and Christ's victorious condition to secure a future... Read more

Your Weekly Update – April 7

Weekly Update
This week, your weekly update covers international news, Famicon 2017, a prayer retreat in San Francisco, the ACLC LA prayer breakfast, an American Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., and upcoming... Read more

2017 Peace TV Survey

PeaceTV viewers are invited to fill out this year's survey toward PeaceTV's efforts to work as closely as possible with members in the field and provide great content to bring all FFWPU members closer to True... Read more

Famicon 2017: We Promise

Famicon 2017 closed on a note of hope and excitement! After hearing moving testimonies and engaging in an honest question-and-answer session with Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Dr. Michael Balcomb, Mari Curry, Miilhan... Read more