God Works in Mysterious Ways

Las Vegas
One chilly morning in September, I stopped to get gas at a Chevron station, and after filling up, I thought to get a cup of hot coffee inside the store to warm up. To make a long story short, I locked myself... Read more

This Week on True Parents Way

Latest Resource
This week on True Parents Way, Dr. Tyler Hendricks covers the ordinariness of Jesus and True Parents, the significance of hyojeong to the activities of the Cheongpyeong campus, and the internal preparations we... Read more

Prayer Request for Tony Christian

Please pray for our dear brother Tony Christian, who recently had a stroke on December 6, 2016. You may also consider making a donation to the Christian Family through a GoFundMe fundraiser that his local... Read more

On the Eve of Peace

This Week in History
This week in history, True Parents arrive in Washington, D.C., the IRFWP conference "Realizing the Interfaith Ideal: Action Beyond Dialogue" is held, the monthly magazine Tongil Segye begins publication, the... Read more

November 2016 Youth Ministry Highlights

This November, youth ministries celebrated the holiday season with various Thanksgiving-themed festivities. The California and Virginia communities got into the spirit and gave back through service. Youth in... Read more