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New Course: Pastoral Counseling

Join Dr. Luonne Rouse in our upcoming five-week course on Pastoral Counseling.


Questions to consider in assessing the value of your participation in this course:

  • How does faith-based counseling compare to psychological counseling?
  • When is counseling appropriate?
  • How do we expand our scope to counsel a whole community?
  • What are our limits, and when is it appropriate to refer to a professional?
This course is directed toward equipping each faith leader with the tools to achieve the following:
1.        Grasp a basic understanding of the historical and theological aspects of pastoral care and counseling
2.        Develop and refine a conceptual framework for understanding the dynamics of pastoral care and counseling in marriage & family ministries consistent with one’s theological commitments;
3.        Enhance personal spiritual formation in pastoral care and counseling and gain insight into self-care and pastoral care;
4.        Develop, improve and utilize skills in the art of listening.
Course details:
Dates: December 5 through January 18
Options: Monday nights (7pm EST, except for Dec. 14 & Jan. 9, when it will be 5pm) or Wednesday afternoon (3pm)

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