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    Our Mission: “To guide America back to God through the teachings and Marriage Blessing of True Parents.”

430 Tribal Messiahship

The following photos, videos and slideshow presentations are from the 430 Tribal Messiahship National Leadership Conference from April 12-15 in Las Vegas. Feel free to revisit and share this material with your ministry team and local community.

Photo Gallery


Celebrating Achievement

Program Orientation - Demian Dunkley

International Leadership Conference Review - Miilhan Stephens

Claiming Our National Victories - Dr. Michael Balcomb


Vision and Modeling

Testimony: Set Free Summit - Rev. Kevin Thompson

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True Parents and America - Dr. Ki Hoon Kim

2020 Vision for USA - Dr. Michael Balcomb

Introduction to Tribal Messiahship - Naokimi Ushiroda, Crescentia DeGoede & Demian Dunkley

Tribal Messiahship I - We Are God's Hope - Crescentia DeGoede & Demian Dunkley

Tribal Messiahship II - What Dream Do You Have? - Demian Dunkley

Tribal Messiahship III - Building the Kingdom - Demian Dunkley


Goal Setting

Testimony: South America - Rev. Shin

The Blessing as an Outreach Tool - Crescentia DeGoede

Harnessing the Power of the Trinity - Rev. Ernest Patton & Miilhan Stephens

Tribal Messiahship Testimonies and Case Studies

We Can Do It - Rev. Kazuo Takami

Organizing Tribal Messiahship for the Community - Naokimi Ushiroda



Testimony: Central America - Rev. Sang Suek Kim

FAQs and Conference Questions - Crescentia DeGoede

Pastors Continuing Education - Susan Bouachri & Jaga Gavin

Testimonies: Global Top Gun

District Declarations

Closing Remarks - Dr. Ki Hoon Kim & Dr. Michael Balcomb