Policy Organization Document

January 10, 2020

Dear Pastors, Community Leaders, Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for all your efforts and investment in support of True Parents’ work in America. In a few weeks we will celebrate True Parents’ Birthday and Holy Wedding Anniversary, and preparations for celebrations in Korea and in America are in full swing.

Between the excitement of welcoming True Mother in America on December 28, and the upcoming festivities in Korea, we’d like to inform you about an important improvement regarding our church organization documented at the end of last year.

As you know, in December 2017 at East Garden, True Mother announced the restructuring of America into 5 subregions and appointed five Subregional Directors. She explained that the Subregional Directors are in “the position similar to that of a national president,” and have the authority to appoint the leadership within their subregion.

Following up on this restructuring, the Board of Directors of HSA-UWC discussed the best way to document the necessary changes as they relate to the National Council, National Charter, etc. Eventually, a committee was appointed, consisting of Rev. David Rendel, Rev. Richard Buessing, Mr. Stephen Jares, and Ms. Olga Majitova to draft a new policy organization document to replace the National Charter.

This committee developed the attached policy organization document, which was reviewed by the leadership team and was sent to the Board of Directors for approval. The Board then approved the Church Organization for a Heavenly USA as a policy document that replaces the previous national charter, and thanked the members of the former national council for their service and contribution.

The previous national council, which has been dormant for the last year, is replaced with national leadership team as appointed by True Mother: the five Subregional Directors along with the President and the Chairman of the Family Federation in America. The national leadership team consults with the headquarters’ leadership and leaders of the affiliated organizations, as well as represents the leaders and members in the field centering on the five Subregional Directors.

In the document, you will also find in Article V that provision is made for the continuance of local councils to be at the discretion of the Subregional Director in consultation with the President and local leadership.

Let us continue to pray for True Mother’s health and wellbeing as we prepare for Foundation Day 2020. 2019 has been another incredible year for our American movement, and we are still growing and getting closer to God and True Parents. Let us join together and continue to offer our best to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

God Bless you all,

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim
Regional Chairman
Rev. Demian Dunkley
President;  Director, Northeast  
Ernest Patton Signature.jpg
Rev. Ernest Patton
Director, Southeast

David Rendel -signature.jpg
Rev. David Rendel                          
Director, Midwest  
John Jackson.png
Rev. John Jackson                                        
Director, Southwest  
Larry Krishnek signature.jpg
Rev. Larry Krishnek
Director, West

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