Recent Events

Cheon Il Guk Holy Days
We recently celebrated three major Unificationist Holy Days—Heavenly Parent’s Day (Feb. 8), True Parents’ birthday (Feb. 13), and Foundation Day (Feb. 20)—where we celebrated our Heavenly Parent, the legacy of our founders and the new era of God’s Kingdom which we strive to build each day.



Global Top Gun
The latest Global Top Gun workshop was an amazing experience and we encourage you to come to the next one. Check out the blog to see what it’s all about.




True Family Values Ministry

The 20th anniversary of the True Family Values Ministry celebration kicked off on December 5, 2015 with an awards banquet in Chicago, Illinois. Then, FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon spoke in Chicago at the Sunday victory celebration, as well as in New York on December 7. A celebration was held with True Mother at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas on December 12.


Third Anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa

On August 30, 2015, people from all over the world commemorates the life and legacy of True Father on the third anniversary of his ascension into the spirit world. For many, his spirit is still very much alive and spiritually present, as his legacy continues to touch lives and his words continue to guide and inspire.


Top Gun Workshop

The first Global Top Gun Workshop took place at the Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center in South Korea from August 7-27, 2015. This workshop was an opportunity to pass on the traditions of our True Parents and prepare a new generation to lead this movement with this inheritance engrafted in their hearts. At the end of the workshop, participants celebrated True Father’s historic third Seonghwa Anniversary with Unificationists from around the world.

Peace Road 2015

In the spirit of True Father’s vision to unite the world, Peace Road events took place in 120 countries this year. From as far as the South African Cape of Good Hope to Santiago in Chile, participants rode to show support for the Unification of Korea and lasting Global Peace, reaching the finish line in Korea on August 30, 2015.


Universal Peace Choir

Over 350 voices took part in the Universal Peace Choir, which performed at the third year anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa on August 30, 2015. Celebrating his life and legacy, this choral offering was designed to bring the world together in song.