Reflections from CheonBo Special Event in Belvedere, NY October 5-6, 2019

The following are testimonials and reflections from a few of the 1500 people who gathered on October 5 to 6 at Belvedere in Tarrytown, New York to participate in the Hyojeong CheonBo Special Event. Read the full article here.

“The CheonBo experience left me full of joy and, of course, gratitude and a proper attitude of repentance. I have hope that a wider highway to victory has been laid and that I will soon see the results.

“I appreciated hearing presentations on the history of the Ancestor Liberation, and I liked the graphics/illustrations this year better than the animations used in previous years. I especially liked the testimony of President Dunkley before the Ancestor Blessing, Not solely because it was humorous, but because it allowed the listeners to know events in their family life. This is the richness we need, truly getting to know each other deeply, appreciating the preciousness of brothers and sisters. His point was to express the precious value of descendants (and ancestors).
“During the two days, I enjoyed getting to know new people. We shared personal testimonies of our lives and faith together. This was most beautiful and enriching. Now I have more people I can support in prayer. More people whose victories I can rejoice over.” Christine Libon, Clifton, New Jersey

“I just got back this morning from Belvedere to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I received two days of the greatest experience of grace, even compared to going back and forth to Cheongpyeong for more than 120 days of my 26 years of being with our True Parents.

“There were two angles that came to me when I was working intensely with my eyes closed. I felt four hands coming on my body, one of them a little intense on my arms. The other one gently rubbing my head and pulling from the middle both ways like surgery cutting my head open, and I could feel the hand pulling something out of my head. After I realized the hands stopped, I opened my eyes to see who was there, but didn’t see any of those few assisting close enough for it to be one of them. However, after that, I have been feeling evil spirits coming out of me ever since. I spent that night at the Brooklyn Church Center with Pastor Daryl Clarke. I was spitting up a lot from my gut and was very tried after the event. Pastor Clarke stated those are the evil spirits coming out of me.

“Then, after the Holy Song session on the first day, I had a one-on-one meeting with one of our leaders in Jesus’s family home in the living room. The leaders from Cheongpyeong and America were eating when we came out of our meeting. Two of them came over and gave me food for myself and Pastor Daryl Clarke and others who were waiting for me outside in the van. This was a full 360 for me, with Jesus Christ sending me as a preacher from himself to True Parents with a mission to bring them his Christian leaders when I joined this family 27 years ago. Jesus said in my heart, ‘Thank you for uniting with my direction even with all the indemnity you went through obediently and you’re staying with True Parents as one of my representatives. I got your back!’ This really woke me up to what we really have to do in uniting to bring victory to the World Clergy Leadership Conference on December 28, 2019 in the Year of Our Lords, True Parents.

“In addition, my family was able to do our last Ancestors Blessing, and we were the 51st family at the event to receive a Hyojeong Won (Ancestors Home). I’ve never felt so much love inside our movement or even outside in this whole world in my life besides from being in the room with our True Parents.

“Our Heavenly Parent Kingdom is in our hands on this earth; ‘What’s bound on Earth is bound in heaven’  ̶ Matthew 18:18. Slow or fast, it will come depending on our Family federation for World Peace and Unification members’ actions centered on uniting with the direction of our True Parents as One Family Under Our Heavenly Parent.” Rev. Maurice Lawrence, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Thank you True Mother for this great event. We feel liberated! This event will give all of America a great spiritual boost to the victory of Vision 2020!” Bill and Taeko Lay, New York

“During the Chanyang session, I experienced two more hands patting on top of my head! So I kept on tapping on the sides. I asked my wife if she tapped my head, she said, “No.” I was thinking maybe Rev. Demian Dunkley is behind me, but he was two rows up praying for somebody and tapping a sister’s head. I saw dark spirits coming out from my stomach, below my right armpit and chest!  Then, during the Ancestor Liberation I saw my grandparents on my father’s side. On my mother’s side, I saw my Uncle Abe who I dreamed about weeks before, my grandfather, grandmother and other grandmother. They were in their best moods, smiling and wearing their best clothes! My grandfather on my father’s side who died at 88 was looking younger! Plus, I could not recognize the others who were just coming to me, who I think were my ancestors. Thank you for this Hyojeong CheonBo special event! I can see those I love again while praying. Thank you, Heavenly Parents and True Parents.” Athanasius Francis C. Catalan, Washington, D.C.

“This past weekend was one of my favorite weekends I have ever experienced. And I think this time I got to experience the spirit world more. When I heard about the CheonBo event I was excited because someone told me that Heung Jin Nim is coming to support us. I love Heung Jin Nim so much and I felt he was directly there for us. I sometimes feel Heung Jin Nim in my daily life but this event made me feel closer with him. During the event I did the Wish Paper Ceremony and when I went to the prayer room I saw the picture of Heung Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim and Daemo-nim. I felt they were sitting and watching us pray in that room. I also felt Heung Jin Nim was happy when I came to him directly. When I prayed I felt really close with Heung Jin Nim and something good is going to happen after the event. During the CheonBo presentation I was really scared because last time when I visited CheonBo it was painful, but someone told me to call Heung Jin Nim if I needed help and I think this time Heung Jin Nim was always there for me. Whenever the evil spirits were there, Heung Jin Nim was the one who resumed me. I imagined that he was pulling the evil spirits out of me, and, to be honest, I felt that this time it wasn’t as painful as last time, so I’m really grateful for Heung Jin Nim and the spirit world. Overall, for this experience I was able to feel Heung Jin Nim even though I couldn’t see him with my spiritual eyes or hear him. I still felt Heung Jin Nim was right next to me. Thank you, Heung Jin Nim! I’m really grateful for Heung Jin Nim and all the spirit world and I felt the spirit from these two days! Thank you spirit world and to everyone else who made this event memorable!” Reina Sato, New York

“Thank you Rev. Dunkley and the entire team for having this event at such a time as this. I was so grateful to be there! The entire atmosphere was so uplifting, and much brighter than last time. (Every time it gets better and better).

“I was so moved that so many American Founding Fathers including presidents of the United States were liberated. Also Mr. Rogers and Prince were liberated. That made me so happy. As a person who plays music, that was huge. Many musicians and composers didn’t end their lives beautifully (usually they became very sick, either physically or spiritually, for various reasons), I felt pain whenever I learned about their lives through books or the internet. I feel we can liberate the entire music industry with many brothers and sisters.

“At last, it’s always great to meet people from all over the U.S. I feel so blessed just seeing them. I wish those who couldn’t make it to this event physically could receive the same blessing that we had. I will share this experience to as many others as I can.” Akemi Hirose, Clifton, New Jersey

“One thing I really appreciated this time was Dr. Insung Moon’s rather new yet profound explanation of how to do Chanyang to separate evil spirits. He said in his lecture that we should not judgmentally try to kick out evil spirits so much as we should love them to melt them with True Parents’ love, so that after they are melted by such love they may be able to leave our bodies more naturally. Dr. Insung Moon also said that when we do Chanyang, both our hands represent True Father and True Mother who are pouring out their love. 
“As I was doing Chanyang, I felt that myself and all evil spirits were within the realm of tremendous love and forgiveness of God and True Parents. I really experienced True Parents’ love and felt that evil spirits were leaving me more easily. From the beginning to the end of each session, I kept crying profusely, sometimes loudly bursting into tears. When Rev. Rendel did Chanyang upon my head, it was a rather light touch, but it was very powerfully conveying the love of True Parents. It made me cry. Also, when the central leader from the stage repeatedly shouted the words “Aboji” and “Omoni,” these words yielded a special spiritual vibration which pierced my heart and made me cry even more. I didn’t know that those Korean words had such a great impact. Also, each and every word of the songs we were singing pierced my heart and made me cry. I felt so grateful to the presence of the love of True Parents, and I also felt a strong sense of mission to convey this love and forgiveness to people in the world. It may sound like an exaggeration, but because of this I felt like continuing this Chanyang session forever without stopping.
“This time my wife and I were able to Bless the 397 to 430 generations. And the time of their Blessing on the afternoon of October 6 was moving because I was able to resonate with their feelings of joy and happiness as they entered the place of the ceremony, received the Holy Wine and the Holy Water, recited the Pledge, and listened to the Blessing Proclamation. I cried again, this time together with my ancestors. Thank you so much, all the brothers and sisters who helped make this event successful!” Theodore Shimmyo, New York

“Five of us drove up to Belvedere together from Northern Virginia. Pastor Seubert offered his vehicle and to drive us. We made it on time after checking into our hotel nearby.

“Personally, I don’t travel well and broke into an incessant sneezing with a dripping nose, in the car and throughout the weekend, using up all the paper napkins and tissues I could find. Still I did two Chanyang sessions and felt much better during the sessions. During the first session I was hoping for the special leaders head touching to experience a deeper connection to Heavenly Parent. During the second session, God touched both my wife and I with a needed unique and special slapping on my shoulders. During the Wish Paper Ceremony we all prayed loudly for our ancestors, I felt they heard me and appreciated my prayers and efforts for them because I began to cry.” Stanley Marks, Virginia

“This time, I was able to receive a Hyojeong Won and was able to Bless 430 generation of ancestors for both my husband and I. I’m so grateful that HJ CheonBo was able to come tour America this year and late last year! The only reason we were only able to liberate and Bless so many ancestors was because my mom suddenly ascended last year and I had a life insurance policy for her.

“When CheonBo came to Chicago last year, I had only liberated and Blessed up to 56 generations. After sincere prayer and because of my mom’s life insurance policy payout, I decided to spend most of the money to liberate up to 210 generations. Currently, 378 generation completed their Blessing workshop. After last weekend in Belvedere, we have blessed 430 generations on all sides and all lines!

“I’ve also been blessed to attend all of the Peace Starts With Me rallies and attend the rallies with my family as well as donate fully to the National Victory Fund. My family and I started praying together every night at the beginning of this year. It feels so great to unite with True Mother and the Family Federation leaders! We are living at such a blessed time! I truly feel the cooperation with the spirit world more than ever!” Denise Vang To, Minnesota

“It became such a joy and celebration to participate in the CheonBo weekend. Although we are a smaller community, six families were able to attend or have someone represent them. Most of us now have accomplished 430 liberations.  Dr. Insung Moon’s presentations gave me simple heartistic clarity for what and how True Mother is leading us. President Dunkley’s testimony and prayer opened new courage and resolve in my heart for leadership here. And Ryuichi Kishimoto’s masterfully powerful presence is a source of renewed hope and confidence for me for our great future through HJ CheonBo. In addition, my last minute ability to order a Hyojeong Won and be able to receive it is just a thrill. True Mother’s grace and care was everywhere. Thank you, God!” Alex Nimick, State Pastor, Vermont

“My wife and I were expecting to use our FM radios with headphones for translation from Korean to English at the CheonBo Special Event at Belvedere. As it turned out, we didn’t need them. Dr. Insung Moon is fluent not only in English, but Japanese and Chinese to some degree. So impressive! He also understands how to connect with a Western audience by using humor. For example, he explained how the Divine Principle phrase ‘give and take action’ was a poor translation of what should have been ‘giving and receiving action.’

“The precise use of recorded music during the entire event was timed to keep the spirit high. Even short pauses in the program were filled with appropriately styled musical selections sometimes for a matter of just five seconds. So much preparation has gone into making the Special Event really special, even in the outdoor venue at Belvedere. I can’t imagine all the rehearsing and training that has gone into making it such a professional-level production. Aju!” Mark Lincoln

“I’ve been having a great time. I was looking forward to this because I’ve had good experiences with CheonBo in Korea and when they came to Chicago. I have faith in this. I believe that my ancestors can work with me. Through this, I can have a relationship with my father, who is in the spirit world. This is the reason I came; I wanted to reconnect to him one more time. I haven’t been feeling him since he ascended, so this was a way to connect to him spiritually.” —Sarafina Kisile, Bridgeport, Connecticut

“I wanted to participate in the Chanyang because it is great for your spirit. Also, it is great preparation for me because I’m [pregnant] and due this month. In 2012, I stayed in Cheongpyeong for two months and attended a 21-day workshop and 40-day workshop. It was a very good experience, and this was a refresher of that experience.” —Mariya Makarova, Staten Island, New York

“What a great day. Such great people. I believe in this and I have faith. The best thing about this event is seeing all of our faithful brothers and sisters coming together. My family has now completed liberating and Blessing our ancestors, and it feels excellent.” —Bruce Burns, New Jersey

“We, the Generation Peace Academy (GPA) Heavenly USA Team, are a part of the spiritual atmosphere. We’re here to prepare ourselves and everyone else for December 28, and to create a high-energy atmosphere and raise spirits. We want to show that this is our year to serve America.

“I really liked Chanyang, I was able to focus internally on the presentation, the gratitude points and repentance. I was able to think about it and try to connect deeply to it. I felt really refreshed and I felt pretty light in a way. Also, Rev. Dunkley’s lecture was really powerful. He gives us inspiration every time he speaks. It was amazing. I want to support True Mother as well and bring victory.” —JungSun Batino, GPA Heavenly USA Team

“GPA is going to be attending all the other rallies, too; in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere. Whenever there is something big happening in America, as youth, we want to be there to help support and create high energy and spirit. We want to help support America and True Mother in all her efforts. This CheonBo event is significant, so we wanted to be here to help support it.” —Hideaki Nagayama, GPA Heavenly USA Team

“Today was a really wonderful day, especially the Chanyang session. I used to always think to myself, ‘Evil spirits, be liberated, be gone.’ I used to have that attitude. Prior to this session, Dr. Insung Moon said we are not here to make the evil spirits go away, but to really embrace them and give them love. So, I felt with the help of that talk I was able to have a positive experience doing Chanyang.” —Willus Namowicz, GPA Heavenly USA Team

“Today has been such an amazing experience. It was very informative talking about Chanyang, delving deep into the reasons and meaning behind it as well. I found it to be very amazing, and I’m looking forward to more tomorrow.” —SunMee Tamashiro, GPA Heavenly USA Team

“I was asked to do Chanyang today. I found it very interesting that they asked us to do the Holy Spirit’s work, and we invited True Mother, who is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, to be with us and work through us. During Changyang, I was feeling True Mother’s love for people. There was one particular person, a sister I have never even met before, where I just got really emotional. I realized this lady has gone through so many things. I could literally hear True Mother saying, ‘This child has suffered so much and I want to love her through you.’

“I also saw my spiritual mother. Her husband used to be the cameraman for True Parents. When I was doing Chanyang with him today, it was like my heart was melting. I felt True Mother missing him, because she used to see him all the time everyday. I remember him so well and I really felt God’s and True Parents’ love and gratitude for him. I don’t know if he felt anything at all, but I really felt so much love and gratitude for him today that I thought it came directly from True Mother. I really felt True Parents’ love for these people today. It was really quite a profound experience for me.” —Rev. John Jackson, Southwest Subregional Director, Texas

“I”m very glad I came because I feel very purified and cleansed from all the stresses and negativity from work life. It’s nice to be reminded of Cheongpyeong; when I was there I felt very connected to God. I am inspired to go to CheonBo again for a workshop.” —Airy Kyoko Yeh, New York City, New York

“Coming from a Catholic background, ancestors are real for me. I know that they played an instrumental part that lead me to meet True Parents, so I feel I want to give back to them. I’ve received so many blessings and I want to give them the opportunity to receive the same. 

“These sessions are very spiritual for me. Yesterday, when I was sitting here, I felt little bubbles coming up my skin, like in a seltzer. All around me these bubbles came up. I visualized that spirits were being taken by angels to the next realm. Before coming to BelvedereI told those spirits, ‘Get ready for a better place. You’ve suffered enough, and I love you.’ 

“Today, when we did the liberation, I heard a voice saying, ‘You have no idea how long we have been waiting for this.’ I heard that over and over, ‘You have no idea how long we have been waiting for this.’ I felt incredible gratitude and tears coming from them to me because I did that for them. 

“I know that the work we do is for peace with God, with divinity and with the beauty and heart of the original world. Achieving this takes focus, because there are so many distractions and so much turmoil in the world. How do you actually create something different in the midst of what exists right now? 

“This is very glorious. First of all, I love the music and the celebratory holiness that we can experience here. We are all holy, but we do not feel that way when we are in other environments. Here, we can really experience the best within ourselves. I feel that this is truly America.

“If all the barriers are gone, hopefully, and if our ancestors are in a better place, maybe we will get along a little bit better down here, right? Maybe there will be less barriers within my own mind. Maybe we can love everyone, and love the unlovable, because we need the power of love and the strength of love to love what is around us. Things are pretty bad right now, so this is a good time for this kind of event. Here we can liberate ourselves and begin anew.” —Angelika Selle, President of the Women’s Federation for World Peace USA, Bowie, Maryland

“First of all, I think it’s wonderful that we are here and this is happening now. The opportunity to be able to represent 430 couples is really an amazing thing. I guess when I reflect, I feel very moved to be here. I feel this is very profound. This experience feels more real this time than it ever felt before. More than anything, I believe that we are one family under God. I feel it here with everybody, and that’s really beautiful. ” —Matthew Learey, New York

“For me, what stuck out most happened during the ancestor liberation. The focus was to really embrace the evil spirits with a loving heart as you send them out of your body. It’s not just about getting rid of them, but it’s your job to embrace them and set them free to go somewhere better, rather than just hanging around us. Overall, I felt an incredible sense of unity and brother and sisterhood, with people I don’t really know. We are truly on a different kind of level, even more than last year.” —Kristine Learey, New York

“I only attended one ancestor liberation and Blessing in Korea, and then one in Belvedere, so this is my third time. Usually, I am not actually present, so this was very moving, especially the Chanyang. My husband is in the spirit world, and I can feel him here. I don’t see him, but I know that he is here.” —Eva Mackin, Connecticut

“The Chanyang is such a liberating moment, I can’t even imagine that anyone wouldn’t want to do it. It’s just so liberating, wow. It’s something out of this world, it’s just so amazing. I would recommend it to anybody, even someone who doesn’t know what Chanyang is. Talking about ancestors and liberation and things like that is so new in history. It’s foreign for people to talk about it. There is so much confusion. However, I think it is really awesome.” —Caroline Hanssen, Rhode Island

“I appreciate this opportunity. I was waiting for this moment to reflect on the many things in my life. Especially for my children, I want each one of them to be happy. My husband passed away, so I don’t have anyone to talk to about making sure my children are happy except my ancestors and God. This is a place where I can really talk to them. The ancestor liberation and Blessing is a grace from True Mother. She said, ‘Now you can liberate up to 430 generations in less than 20 years.’ That is truly a miracle, and it makes this event very important. Through the Chanyang, I felt the toxins that built up over the years being released. It was very healing. It’s great that seven locations around the world are all hosting CheonBo this weekend. We are all united.” —Akemi Hendricks, New Jersey

“There are so many ancestors that were Blessed today, here and all over the world simultaneously. I really hope that our absolute good ancestors help us accomplish Tribal Messiahship here on Earth.” —Kiyoko Rinkema, Illinois