Reflections from Washington, D.C. Hyojeong Cheongpyeong America Tour 2018

The following are submitted testimonies from the 2018 America Tour Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Event in Washington, D.C. on August 4 and 5.

“When the chanyang session began, I instantly felt the spirit of Cheongpyeong. My skin began to tingle and I could feel my heart beat faster — I had entered the Cheongpyeong zone. The drums and clapping lifted my spirit to a higher plane. With my eyes closed I saw what looked like a railroad track and a light ahead. I heard music and joyful clapping at the “other” end. There seemed to be people jostling around me, then I realized I knew these people, these were members of my family, my parents and aunts and uncles. I wasn’t afraid; it was a joy-filled feeling. I felt like a vacuum cleaner was being run over my body and that my sins were being lifted away! I felt a deeper spiritual bond with our community, a deeper connection to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and gratitude for the gift of grace and healing, and the unconditional love to liberate and bless our family’s ancestors.” –Bill Selig

“It turned out to be very emotional for me the first day as I was sitting there during the chanyang session and did not even realizing I was crying and tears were all over my face for a reason I couldn’t explain. My father recently ascended to the spirit world and I liberate him, but what I didn’t realized was the fact that I was still holding on to him. Right there I received huge taps on both my shoulders that it was okay to let go and he was happy. I truly felt a weight lifted off me and a serenity came over me, I felt at peace in my heart. On one of my wish envelopes I listed all my siblings by name and what I wish for them. After reporting to God and Heavenly Parents I left the prayer room, I had a moment of confusion. I thought someone behind me had said something, so I turned my head to look. Nobody was there. I panicked and decided not to wait for the elevator but took the stairs. In the stairwell it happen again. Still no one behind me. I rushed in the auditorium to take my seat and while the program was in full motion it happen again, but this time someone was asking me to contact one of my sibling and was very specific. I was very uncomfortable with people all around me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to leave the room, nor did I want to talk to her. Eventually I sent her a text message assuming with the time differences she would not be available. How wrong I was; she immediately responded. I was shocked about how the conversation went; how easily she responded to everything I said. By the end of our conversation she agreed to learn about the Divine Principle!” –Emmanuel Ossok

“From the beginning of June, I was praying for what to write on my wish papers. I did not get any clear answer but I continuously kept investing Cheong Seong in my prayers and heart. True Father’s words, “Utmost sincerity moves heaven,” were encouraging me when I was in a difficult position and often I did not have hope. On the first day of the workshop I bought my wish papers and went straight up to the prayer room to write them. As I entered, I was so deeply moved to see the three pictures of Lord Heung Jin and Lord Hyo Jin Moon and Dae Mo Nim. I bowed and kneeled down to pray. Tears came flowing down my face. I felt Lord Heung Jin could immediately see my heart, all the things I have gone through and never gave up. I just offered everything in gratitude. I shared all my heart with him and thanked him for his love for us. He loves our young Unificationists so much and I asked him to help me take care of my children to become filial children to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.  I felt his comfort and his desire to be with me and guide me. It was a very intimate moment with him that still brings me to tears of gratitude.” –Eva Osaki

“Coming to the Cheongpyeong Special Event today was quite the experience for me. I was first introduced to chanyang in GTGY last year, but they did not go into as much detail as it did today. Although this was the shortest session I have been in, the atmosphere was intense in the best way possible. I was on the brink of tears at random times. I still can’t pinpoint the reason, but in the midst of the singing and the chanyang, I would feel my body contracting ready to cry at any moment. But when the chanyang ended, I came back with a clear state of mind.” –Hanta Catalan

“I have been to Cheongpyeong several times, and the experience here was the same. I knew they brought Cheongpyeong to us and I felt, underlying everything else, an extreme gratitude and joy. Without such gratitude I might have been burdened with the need for repentance which is the other part of every experience with this providence. I have wept many tears in Cheongpyeong becoming aware of my failings. This time in America it was the same. My couple was able to participate in all the ceremonies: the liberation ceremony, offering paper ceremony, and Blessing Ceremony. I definitely felt a spiritual cleansing and feel stronger and more able to control my emotions.” –Loretta Schauffler

“I was extremely moved by the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune. I had offered my wish papers with repentance and devotion, yet was so moved by the ceremony itself where we could offer our prayers of gratitude for all the blessings that Heavenly Parent has poured upon us and our ancestors. Learning that all the memories of any evil actions our ancestors or ourselves committed would be erased, brought me to tears. None of us want our mistakes to move with us into spirit world. I know our ancestors tried to live good lives in the conditions they were living in, but it must have been difficult. Thus, I felt such gratitude for the heart and beauty of this ceremony as our wish papers dissolved into water and were accepted by Heaven. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Heavenly Parent and Beloved True Parents, for this gift of the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune.” –Mary Bizot Johnson

“I have been blessed with many wonderful spiritual experiences with God, True Parents, and the spirit world in my 47 years in the church. But all of us still suffer intense sorrow and disappointments in life. Sometimes we feel we can barely move one foot in front of another. Attending the workshops at Cheongpyeong have been a balm to my spirit. I know I have been liberated from so many burdens given to me by my ancestors. On the way to the program, my mother, who ascended four years ago, came into the car with me. Before she attended the workshop after her ascension, she was angry and resentful. Dementia is an awful disease. After she graduated from the spirit world workshop, she became so light and happy, and young. She has visited me several times in spirit. This day she was so happy and excited. Then her mother, my grandmother who died from Alzheimer’s, joined us as well. They were like twins, giggling in excitement and anticipation. I was so uplifted by their joy. This has given me so much joy and hope to know they are free and happy.” –Susan Fefferman

“One night as soon as I closed my eyes I started dreaming. I heard a noise behind my bedroom. It was as if people were walking across my backyard. I thought they were thieves. I started praying saying, “Please True Parents protect my family.” Then the noise increased like more people were walking in my backyard. I have a motion light in my backyard and I saw that my motion light was on. I became really scared. I continued to pray for True Parents to protect my family. Then it felt like someone was hugging me while I was praying. The hug became too tight, like many people were hugging me, that was when it occurred to me that these might be my ancestors passing in my backyard. As soon as that thought came to my mind the people were gone and I opened my eyes and I had these happy feelings of being with my ancestors. I couldn’t wait to liberate them.” –Ndassi Yorkzarh

“The highlight of the event for me was being an attendant for the Holy Wish Paper Ceremony. When we prayed together to offer the wish papers I felt so much energy. I felt very deep love and sadness. I felt so strongly connected to the people I was praying for, my family, my congregation. As I prayed tears were pouring down my face. I really wanted them to be healed and have their wishes be fulfilled. Thank you for the opportunity to make our wishes come true. True Mother, I want to have that kind of heart and connection with people. To feel your heart and God’s heart. And to go forward 110% every minute.” –Joshua Angelucci

“The following dreams came when we started the 21–day ancestor liberation condition of 50 bows. I was at my grandmother Emma’s apartment in Austria and she was happy to see me.  I gave out to many people the keys to new apartments that they were to live in, and they were very happy to receive them. In another dream I gave out simple clothing to many people who received it joyfully and it was a kind of white cloth with a beautiful pattern on it. In my last dream I gave out food for everybody to be nourished and fed. It was a special kind of fruit.” –Silvia Eberly

“At the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong event that took place for two days in Washington D.C., I had the most heartwarming experience during chanyang session. From seeing many members in a crowded space hitting their heads and chests both desperately and sincerely, I felt with intense passion the melting away of suffering and Han endured by members, True Parents, Heavenly Parents, and even myself. Hyojeong is a word that is both beautiful and frightening. As second generations during the early days of our movement, my peers and I made strong efforts to understand and take to heart the true meaning of Hyo (Filial Piety). Being in a position of fulfilling Hyo has been difficult and often onerous because we could not put our own wants or thoughts first. Our lives were on a predetermined path that was set by what Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and our biological parents desired. Hence, growing up there was little to no room for our own wants because the sacrifices of the first generation positioned Heavenly Parent and True Parents as the owners of the mind and body of the second generation. I saw chanyang as a ritual dedicated to Heavenly Parent, a ritual that manifested both the liberation of Unificationists’ suffering and a strong desire of second generations eager to meet and experience Heavenly Parent. I could not stop shedding tears, as this event was a solemn moment of undertaking that we must deeply embody Hyojeong, similar to that of Abraham’s Binding of Isaac, and cascade such heavenly value to our subsequent generations.” –Jongsook Moon