Text to Give to Your Local Church

Be sure that you are staying safe and up-to-date with the latest information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.

As you know, Sunday service gatherings cannot take place in person at this time. We will be live streaming services for the next few weeks, or even longer. However, all family members are encouraged to continue to support your local communities using online or Text-to-Give options.

Please find your community’s number below to initiate your text or online giving. Your first time will require a simple set up, but once your information is set, giving to your local community becomes as easy as texting. 

You may find it so easy that you’ll wish to continue supporting this way long after we’re all back to worshiping together in the same room.

Updates will be made to this page as more local communities join Text-to-Give.

For GivingFuel numbers, if this is the first time to donate, send the amount you want to donate.
“Give” command is only for Tithe.ly numbers.




Belvedere Family Church

(914) 303-8200 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Boston Family Church

(617) 219-9940 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Bronx Family Church

(855) 311-5889 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Brooklyn/Staten Island Family Church

(844) 907-1813 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Clifton Family Church

(973) 828-0803 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Delaware Family Church

(833) 481- 0417 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)
To send $10, text “10 DE”

Elizabeth Family Church

(908) 402-0700 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Faith Fusion New Hampshire

(844) 518-9587 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Family Church of Connecticut

Text $ amount to 84321 (Service by Planning Center Online)

Heavenly Parent Church of Albany

(855) 336-1753 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Hudson Valley Family Church

(833) 969-2148 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Long Island Family Church

(833) 968-1627 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Maine Family Church

(855) 465-4714 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Manhattan Family Church

(833) 348-0514 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Philadelphia Family Church

(833) 481-0417 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Queens Church

(718) 550-6577 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Rhode Island Family Church

(855) 529-4731 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Vermont Family Church

(844) 386-0451 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Worcester Family Church

(508) 300-9290 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)



Baltimore Family Church

(443) 776-2075 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Charlotte Family Church

(844) 982-1308 (Text-to-Give Tithe.ly)

Gather Family Church

(855) 247-6182 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Georgia Family Community Center

 (844) 769-5840 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Interfaith Community Center

(833) 961-0788 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

International Family Church

(855) 882-9196 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Miami Family Church

(833) 721-0641 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

New Hope Family Church

(877) 947-4420 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

NOVA Family Church

(571) 444-8658 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Orlando Family Church

(844) 987-0845 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

South Carolina Family Church

(855) 885-2804 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Southeastern Regional Office

(833) 567-4556 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Tampa Family Church

(855) 622-8571 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Triangle Family Church

(833) 909-1798 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Washington, D.C. Family Church

(202) 816-4632



Chicago Family Church

(847) 233-1275 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Family Church of Iowa

(833) 613-0405 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Indianapolis Family Church

(855) 236-1667 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Kansas City Family Church

(855) 242-3792 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Memphis Family Church

(844) 987-1245 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Metro Detroit Family Church

(844) 461-8789 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Minneapolis Family Church

Text $ amount to 84321, or donate online

Missouri Family Church

(855) 982-2150 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Nashville Family Church

(844) 969-1005 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

North Dakota Family Church

(833) 988-4177 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Ohio Family Church

(855) 204-2712 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Omaha Family Church

(855) 395-1048 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Wisconsin Family Church

(833) 961-2385 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)



Albuquerque Family Church

(855) 217-9700 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Arkansas Family Church

(855) 912-6150 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Colorado Family Church

(720) 605-1829 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Dallas Fort Worth Family Church (833) 451-0317 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Houston Family Church

(855) 953-1419 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Las Vegas Family Church

(702) 820-5511 (Text-to-Give by GivingFuel)

Norman Family Church

(855) 338-1167 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Salt Lake City Family Church

(833) 413-0130 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)



Arizona Family Church

(844) 778-2091 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Bay Area Family Church

(833) 938-1793 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Honolulu Family Church

(833) 865-3807 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Kodiak Family Church

(833) 619-0493 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Kona Family Church

(855) 942-2288 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Los Angeles Family Church

(855) 539-4298 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Montana Family Church

(855) 782-2037 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Oregon Portland Family Church

(855) 976-3710 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Sacramento Family Church

(855) 910-8398 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

San Diego Family Church

(833) 959-2292 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Seattle Family Church

(844) 334-5980 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)

Washington KEA

(844) 939-1442 (Text-to-Give by Tithe.ly)


Learn how to use Text-to-Give with Tithe.ly by watching the video below: