“The Healing Power of Cheongpyeong” by Betsy Orman

July 8, 2018, Bridgeport, Connecticut

The following is a testimony given by Mrs. Betsy Orman.

It had been over fifteen years since I have been to the Heaven and Earth Training Center in Cheongpyeong. After the return of cancer, I knew I had to go pray on the mountaintop. I wanted to offer devotional commitments toward the American providence, our second generation, our families, and my own healing. I wanted to reconnect with True Parents’ strength, vision, clarity and purpose. I also felt strongly compelled to complete the liberation of my ancestors, so they could be free to move and grow and to understand and support the work we are doing on earth.

As I was dealing with some considerable health issues, I had to create my own pilgrimage. I was able to obtain a room at a retirement home for senior Unificationists for 40 days called Silvertown, which was not far from Cheongpyeong. The cost was half that of a hotel room and allowed me to get the rest I needed.

Upon arrival, I met with the International Team Leaders and shared my goals and the purpose for my visit. Throughout the 40 days, I felt their prayers and support surrounding me, and was deeply moved by the efforts made to create a glorious environment. It gave me confidence that Cheongpyeong was continuing to fulfill its intended purpose to heal and energize Unificationists and liberate our ancestors. Through the staff’s loving care, I experienced so much of True Parents’ love and concern for the happiness and eternal life and lineage for all of humankind, especially my own.

As I walked with a walker, I was limited from going up and down the big hills, however, I was able to catch a ride to the top of the mountain for some holy water in the morning. I drank the water throughout the day and applied it to my tumor and weakened legs during devotional singing sessions called chanyang. Many of us could feel the angels coming to help us, especially those who were sick or suffering.

I had learned that Hyo Jin Moon was put in charge of overseeing the angels and the liberation of evil spirits from our bodies. No one was more suited to do this job effectively than Hyo Jin Moon; a powerful leader who could both command the angels and dominate the evil spirits. Praying in the temple daily before photos of True Parents, Dae Mo nim and Heung Jin Moon, I felt all of them watching over me closely, as well as the love and guidance from Hyo Jin Moon.

During my time at Cheongpyeong, only three other Americans visited throughout the 40 days. It was heartbreaking to think that even though there is this exquisitely beautiful place of healing, purity and revitalization, the true Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, our American Unificationists could not be here. It is undeniable that we all need Cheongpyeong’s blessing and healing grace, particularly during such spiritually turbulent times.

I happened to be in Cheongpyeong just in time to participate in the Azalea Festival and had the honor or sitting right behind True Parents’ grandchildren at the incredible new stadium. I couldn’t believe True Mother’s strength when she took the stage. After all she has gone through, she was still as solid and unchanging as a rock, her faith and determination unwavering. She spoke briefly about God’s vision for building the ideal world, then urged us to keep moving forward to restore every human being on earth and every spirit in the spirit world as quickly as possible. Only someone anointed by God would be capable of fulfilling this vision. True Mother had been flying all around the world where she has been witnessing to 10,000 people a week. True Mother is absolutely committed to building Cheon Il Guk on this earth.

True Parents, in their love for us, will now be bringing the Cheongpyeong experience to the U.S. This is an incredible gift from God and True Parents. They are providing us with a way to heal our souls, our hearts, our bodies, our families and our ancestry. I encourage all American families to attend the two-day tour, and to pray and prepare beforehand, not just for their ancestors but also their own healing. Please attend to heal your hearts through the short but powerful chanyang sessions. They are so liberating and have helped me so much. It is like a deep cleansing balm or spiritual bath. Your spirit and body feel so much lighter afterward.

When I returned home, I felt clearer and stronger, and my tumor had shrunk to half its size. This was a true miracle. This upcoming Cheongpyeong event will be an unforgettable gift of grace from God and True Parents. We have to clean up the past, begin anew and lead the families of the world to the Kingdom. To do that we need strength and power, we need love and healing, and that is what this Cheongpyeong experience is all about.