TOP GUN 2016

At True Mother's personal request, the 2016 Global Top Gun Leader’s Workshop is currently taking place at the Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center in South Korea from February 1-22. This workshop is an opportunity to pass on the traditions of our True Parents and prepare a new generation to lead this movement with this inheritance engrafted in their hearts. Participants will also celebrate the upcoming Holy Days with Unificationists from around the world.

FFWPU Evangelism Director and one of the Top Gun Workshop staff, Demian Dunkley, shares an overview of the 2015 workshop.

“From now on, the life of people with a public mission must be clear. They must be transparent. Their words and action must be one and the same, and they must practice that. In other words, you should not take the words you say lightly. I sincerely hope that you will become leaders of virtue. Being true and sincere is this model. Hence, let us build a culture that welcomes with open arms anyone that leaves and anyone that comes.”

-True Mother

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