Launching Leadership Development

This week we switched gears and entered into our leadership development program, the next part of the Global Top Gun workshop. The goal of the leadership development is finding our purpose in building Cheon Il Guk (God’s kingdom), fulfilling True Parents’ vision of world peace and unification, and also having the empowerment to lead. We welcomed five consultants and coaches who will lead the leadership sessions, which they call “conversations”. These young professionals are David Young, Justin Okamoto, Teresa Rischl, Neil Rischl and Naokimi Ushiroda. Instead of lecturing, the coaches emphasizes each Top Gun participant would take responsibility and initiative over their training.


The leadership development program began with our first coach, David Young. David reminded each participant that they responded to True Mother’s calling by attending this workshop. David explained that in his sessions, each participant would take initiative and embrace self-discovery. The goal of his sessions was for us to find the greatness waiting to burst inside of us and engage in life with excitement.


David set four rules for this next week:

1. Share with each other

2. Listen actively

3. Show up on time

4. Respect each individual’s privacy by keeping shared content confidential

Through pair sharing, activities and words of wisdom from our coaches, the Top Gun participants opened themselves to this new style of learning. Many already have shed tears and shared their determinations to do better in their own life and improve their relationships.


It was inspiring to see those who really took the exercises to heart trying to use the sessions to overcome their own obstacles. Along with acknowledging problems surfacing in their lives, the coaches made sure the participants coming on stage shared action steps toward resolving these issues. The hope for these next couple of days is for participants to take a step out of their Top Gun family groups, look at themselves as individuals, and then see where improvements can be made so our families can become stronger.


Following the coaching sessions, we were honored with the opportunity to hear from the President of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Korea, Dr. Byung Ho Son. He explained the importance of the reunification of North and South Korea and how we can participate in achieving it. Prior to hearing his talk, I knew our movement had concerns for North and South Korea. However, after having an in depth explanation, historical details, and understanding it’s relevance, I became inspired to contribute in helping the reunification efforts. North and South Korean reunification was True Father’s dream. I felt sad it couldn’t be accomplished during his lifetime. However, I hope it can be accomplished during True Mother’s lifetime. This Global Top Gun workshop is giving me the confidence to step up and become involved in world-level issues such as the reunification of Korea. I hope it can be a dream that will be accomplished.

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