Starting From Within

This afternoon, I took the opportunity to climb the mountain up to the Tree of Blessing, one of the four trees where Cheong Pyeong participants pray. Usually in our daily schedule we have time designated to climb up the mountain right after breakfast. It’s nicer in the morning because it’s cooler. Even though it was really hot in my afternoon hike today, the view was wonderful. On my way up the mountain, I noticed through the clear view that you can see the Cheon Jung Gung. Once seeing this, my heart instantly bursted with happiness, since it reminded me of our visit to see True Mother the other day. I became determined to climb up the mountain every afternoon and use the view remind myself of my purpose for being at Top Gun.


Today, Justin Okamoto and Naokimi Ushiroda offered their coaching sessions for this leadership training week. Justin coached the Top Gun participants by expanding on topics such as understanding integrity and judgment. Naokimi introduced his method of goal setting and provided Top Gun participants with material he developed to use in the goal setting exercise. The exercises included listing 10 accomplishments we made in our own lives, building affirmation statements and listing our strengths. These sessions guided participants to take the opportunity to look within themselves and draw out their true passions.


We then welcomed the Principal of the Universal Peace Academy (UPA), Rev. Dong Ho Kim. His passion for the young people and the Divine Principle shone through his UPA orientation. He shared a video presentation report on UPA’s activities here in Korea and around the world. He expanded on the purpose and hope for UPA. He emphasized that True Mother established UPA as a place for young leaders to train, grow and apply their skills.


Rev. Kim shared the following goals of UPA:

1. Leadership education centering on the Divine Principle

2. Substantial leadership training

3. To be the light

4. Developing strong discipline

5. Becoming leaders who can witness to the world’s 7 billion people about True Parents

The UPA orientation concluded with welcoming the current UPA cadets on stage, where they sang “Sarang Hae” and “Country Roads”. Top Gun participants were very inspired to see such polished and poised cadets, and took the opportunity to network with them.

With so much coaching and the high standard expected from Top Gun participants, I began to ask myself, how can I become an excellent standard? We are told to be Cheon Il Guk citizens, citizens of God’s heavenly kingdom who are individuals and families realizing world peace. We were reminded of True Father’s mindset that everything he did was for God, our Heavenly Parent.


I realized how my actions do not always necessarily align with or intentionally connect with our Heavenly Parent. For example, I don’t wake up every morning thinking, “I am waking up this morning for God and going to do work for God”. Usually I struggle waking up early and think I go out to work because I need to pay for my expenses. I realized that changing my mindset in this way can allow me to recognize my life has purpose. Each step I take or each action I make can contribute to our divine Heavenly Parent and His children.

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