Spreading A Heart of Love

We started our day by walking to the Cheong Shim Training Center and attending a Tong Il Moo Do (Martial Arts) event. Along with Top Gun participants, our brothers and sisters from the Universal Peace Academy (UPA) sat in attendance. Each of the martial artists beautifully expressed the motions of mind and body unity through their training, using the circular motions distinctive of this martial art form. The program included a special dance and drumming performance dedicated to Hyo Jin Moon, with the opening acts’ musical ensemble incorporating True Father’s and True Mother’s voice, as well as popular anthems like “We Will Rock You” and “Eye of the Tiger”. Those with more training did backflip kicks into wooden pallets and with blindfolds. We saw piles of bricks and cement punched through by the martial art masters. What was very special about this event is that we could see True Mother again!



Back at Cheong Pyeong we heard from Sam Nagasaka, Director of Mission Support at the international headquarters of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), who presented on a topic called, “Vision 2020 is Mainstreaming”. His presentation brought a more structured and strategic approach to fulfilling Vision 2020. We learned the importance of having balance, growing social engagement in our communities, growing our churches and maintaining sustainable growth.


Briefly put, the key focus points addressed how to approach our internal, social and national environment. He listed them as following:

1. Internal Environment

-Tribal Messiahship (Personal Ministries) and Youth

-Membership Satisfaction and Service

-Leadership, Family and Organization

-Vision, Commitment and Unity

2. Social Environment

-Social Contribution and Infrastructure

-Social Credibility and Communication

3. National Environment

-2020 and Beyond: Redirection

-Building a National Agenda & Alliance

He mentioned these ideals should be implemented. From the list he expanded the importance for our movement to engage with society and developing transparency and build relations and communication, and expand in the public, private and social sectors.


After Mr. Nagasaka’s talk, we invited two non-profit organization guest speakers, Katsuhiro Motoyama from the Paralympic Support Center for the The Nippon Foundation, and Soo Jung Han from the Beautiful Coffee Foundation, a fair trade organization. We were really inspired to learn about successful nonprofit organizations and the mindset these speakers have towards contributing to improving society.



We concluded the day with a brothers’ and sisters’ night. The brothers wrestled together while sisters had facials and hand massages. Later in the night, the sisters gathered in a circle with Yeon Ah Moon and were honored to have a close moment with her. Since we were talking about the Holy Marriage Blessing before she came, she expanded on the significance of the parent-child relationship and becoming a couple blessed in marriage. She shared her own realizations and also emphasized connecting to our True Parents and Heavenly Parent. It was a long night; we stayed up until midnight or so. However we were really happy to have an older sister with so much love and enthusiasm. She openly answered our questions and brought peaches and Krispy Kreme donuts from True Mother.



I feel my heart is opening up again and embracing being vulnerable. Even though our movement deals with external challenges and internal obstacles, being here has reignited my conviction and allowed me to seriously reevaluate my place within the movement and my life. We are transitioning as a movement and approaching the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa (ascension). If I’m going to stay a part of this movement, I need to be resilient when faced with obstacles, and not allow them to overpower my ability to take initiative over my faith.

I want my faith to be limitless and pursue building it with True Parent’s and Heavenly Parent’s guidance. I see that our movement and our life of faith can be dynamic and exciting. Do I have the answer and solution to everything? No. However, I will take this one step of courage to step up and reconnect. I invite everyone to reflect on their own journey, and want to open myself up to the elder Unificationists and love them and learn from them. From there, these problems do not need to be tackled alone; we can work together and acknowledge our mistakes and our victories.

I also hope to apply our teachings by helping others in need. I believe growing our movement is about spreading Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ words along with their unconditional love. Yes, we have many aspirations; however, they are not impossible. I hope for the Seonghwa Ceremony to give everyone the determination to carry True Father’s spirit of overcoming and digesting any obstacle with true love.

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