Closing Ceremony

Today our Global Top Gun workshop came to a close. We took this opportunity to reflect among ourselves on the purpose and objectives of this workshop. We shared in pairs and answered the following questions: How do I feel? What did I learn? What will I do?

Then we gathered together in our clans and participated in a recognition activity. Each clan split into two groups. One group sat on the floor with their eyes closed and the other group stood around them in a circle. When the staff shared a recognition statement the group standing up had to tap the individual who embodied that statement during the workshop. Some of the statements went along the lines of, “you inspire me” or “God loves you more than you know”. Many of the Top Gun participants cried receiving so much love from their family members. We did this activity again as a whole tribe, meaning with all the Top Gun participants; many were touched and moved from this activity.

I personally shed many tears. It was nice to receive hugs and also be able to give hugs to many of the older sisters who made my workshop experience truly unforgettable. Following the activity we had one representative from each clan share a brief testimony of the workshop. One brother from Afghanistan shared, “I see God in your tears. I see God in your smiles.” And another brother from America shared, “One thing that God has taught me is that investment is never wasted.” We left with heartfelt and sincere words from each testimony.

To officially conclude the workshop, we held a Closing Ceremony, where we watched a video highlighting the entire Top Gun workshop experience; we laughed, cheered and clapped at many exciting moments on our Top Gun journey. We received congratulatory remarks from Ki Seong Lee, President of the Cheong Pyeong Training Center. We heard words of encouragement from Jun Seok An, Vice President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) International, and a graduation address from In Soung Kwon, President of World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP).

Yoshiko Pammer, a Top Gun participant from Europe relayed a testimony on behalf of all of us. We each were given a Top Gun completion certificate and a fancy Top Gun badge. After the entire ceremony, we were bursting into cheers and chants in the lecture hall. Even though we were tired, we were so happy to successfully complete and survive the workshop together. We accomplished and learned so much these past few weeks. Even though we had fun we adhered to a strict schedule and Cheong Pyeong lifestyle.

Going forward we are now the first class of the Global Top Gun alumni. These next few days we will be participating in numerous events as Global Top Gun alumni, such as the Peace Road event in Seoul, the Global Youth Assembly, a Cheong Pyeong Works event, and the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa (ascension) ceremony. We are expecting a heavy flow of Unificationists arriving here from Japan and Korea, and we’re bracing ourselves for the magnitude of these events.

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