Peace Road 2015 Seoul

We left Cheong Pyeong at 7:30am to attend the Peace Road event in Seoul. We received Peace Road t-shirts the night before and got into our athletic wear for the event. Once we arrived in Seoul we gathered outside near the famous golden statue of King Sejong, who developed the Korean alphabet. This Peace Road Seoul event culminated the Peace Road activities started this summer. There were banners lining up showing pictures of Peace Road activities taken place in 120 countries.


The American and European Top Gun participants walked down a few blocks away from the event to prepare to ride on bikes. We received flags from various countries to clip onto our bikes to show the global significance of the Peace Road. Once we welcomed the Peace Riders coming from Busan, we then rode all together to the main event. Our Korean and Japanese Top Gun participants offered a musical performance by singing “Tongil” (or “Unity” in Korean). Many of our Unificationist national leaders attended the event and testified to the success of the Peace Road events in each of their regions.


After the event we all gathered at the Korean congress and attended a concluding Peace Road event called, “International Symposium for Advancing World Peace and Korea’s Unification”. During the welcoming ceremony many VIP and foreign dignitaries came in support. Flags of different nations were lined up on stage, and along with other musical performances, Top Gun participants sang “Tongil” again. There was a music video presentation highlighting all the countries who participated in Peace Road singing “Tongil”. We all welcomed the Peace riders from various countries onto the stage and celebrated together.

After the welcoming ceremony we received reports on each of the Peace Road events from each region, including North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Greater China, Oceania, Japan and Korea. These presentations informed us of the locations where Peace Road rides took place, how many participants were involved and how many kilometers were traveled. One exciting aspect of this program was seeing our Top Gun participant, Yoshiko Pammer, sharing the report on behalf of Europe.


The global impact of this event inspired many of us to think on a global level. It’s surprising to see our international community standing up together for a cause. And to see that this is who we are now and there is more to come. As we left Seoul, we ended the day eating together at a restaurant near Cheong Pyeong for the last time.


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