Final Days in Korea

So many events took place during the course of this day. In the morning, Top Gun participants had an opportunity again to visit True Father’s resting place and the Cheong Jung Gung Museum. Yeon Ah Moon, President of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) International, visited to share some words to everyone in Cheong Pyeong. She took a moment to share about Hyo Jin Moon and also acknowledged True Mother’s strength. She mentioned True Mother gave birth to 14 children, had 5 miscarriages and survived surgery after a helicopter accident. She encouraged us to also be amazing in front of Heaven and to see the good in other people.

Following her talk, we had a session called, “Inheritance of Tradition”, where we met with the early Unificationists from the 36-couple Holy Marriage Blessing. These were Rev. Gil Ja Sa, who is Rev. Eu’s wife, Rev. Bo Hi Pak, and Rev. Young Hwi Kim. It was inspiring to hear from the very early members of our movement and to have an opportunity to inherit their spirit. Each talk was very brief due to True Mother’s arrival to Cheong Pyeong later that day. Rev. Gil Ja Sa shared the need for us to become Divine Principle lecturers. Rev. Bo Hi Pak shared his role as an interpreter for True Father and how he understood the need to interpret True Father’s heart. Rev. Young Hwi Kim was the first Korean leader of Korean church and shared a letter he had written to all of us. Due to the lack of time, he shared his main points. The theme was to make a world with no falsehood, or simply put: let’s stop lying to each other, and become people who can trust and love each other.

On this note, True Mother entered the main lecture hall. The hall was jam packed with people sitting in rows on the floor and standing around the entrances. I had to step outside to watch True Mother’s speech from a TV screen hung outside one of the buildings. Many others did the same and sat in the shade to listen to True Mother. I was surprised True Mother was able to see us the day before the Seonghwa anniversary. I realized she is truly working hard and making a conscious effort to think about everyone. She had just awarded the first Sunhak Peace Prize the day before. She has to keep moving forward and attend one event after another. When I see this, I think even at my age I would be extremely exhausted.

The Top Gun participants made final preparations to perform at the Seonghwa (ascension) Ceremony tomorrow. We are reaching the final few days of being here in Korea. Also, we are reflecting on True Father’s life and how we can be a part of continuing his legacy.

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