Memorial for the Third Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa

I arrived around 7:45am at the Cheong Shim World Peace Center, the stadium where Holy Marriage Blessing ceremonies have taken place, and where we will all gather today for the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa (ascension). There were already crowds of Unificationists lining up and entering the stadium. To my surprise, the Top Gun participants were assigned seats in some of the front rows of the stadium with a clear view of the stage and True Mother’s seating area. It was thrilling to see such a beautiful stage set up live and everyone gathering into the stadium.


To begin the Seonghwa program, the Top Gun participants sang “Our Father’s Dwelling Place” in Korean and “You Raised Me Up”. I learned later on this program was broadcast via satellite and I hope families at home were able to enjoy the songs we performed. During the program, it was heartwarming to listen to the International President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), Sun Jin Moon, speaking very eloquently and in English. Following her message, I was very touched when True Mother took the initiative to lead us all in singing, “Sarang Hae”. Her message and determination empowered me to go back to America with a new heart and attitude. I felt I am seeing this movement with a new perspective and feel very indebted to True Parents. Following the Seonghwa Ceremony, we had the opportunity to watched a musical performance of True Father’s journey and missionary work in Japan. It was very professional in terms of lighting and the use of audio and visuals. The performance was very theatrical and the actors and actresses brought immense energy to the stage.


Immediately after the performance, I ran quickly to my bus to Incheon Airport. Unfortunately, I did not have time, like many of the Top Gun participants, to say my final farewells. I still have a couple days in Korea so I will be visiting some of my Korean relatives. There are some Top Gun participants staying in Cheong Pyeong an extra night and making their way back home tomorrow. So here I conclude this Top Gun journey and the blog.

As you probably can all imagine, each of us return to our lives back at home – our families, career, or college. For me, I will be continuing my studies this fall at the University of Connecticut. It’s really exciting to go back home and approach this year with support from Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I really wish I had time to say a proper goodbye to Cheong Pyeong but I realized you can’t really say farewell. I know I’ll come back again to this home that trained me and taught me to appreciate all the simple things in my daily life.

So am I going to all of a sudden change the world? No. Many of us have our daily routines. However, that doesn’t mean our life of faith pauses here. This is now the beginning of something new. We are blessed to embark on our Top Gun alumni journey after commemorating the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa. I hope we can continue to keep this international network and begin laying down plans for the future of our movement. Most of all, I hope we can keep a sincere connection with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We leave knowing the secret of having momentum lies in the words of, and prayerful conversations with, our Heavenly Parent. It’s also important to continue supporting each other in our future endeavors.

Thank you to everyone who followed this Top Gun journey. It has been an honor and privilege to write this blog. I appreciate the FFWPU USA media team for opening this opportunity and providing professional support for this blog including video, photos and editing. I’m also eternally grateful for my Top Gun brothers and sisters for sharing a life-changing experience together in this workshop. My heart has completely melted and my spirit has a renewed determination.

It was definitely difficult to balance blogging throughout our intense schedule; however, I did this for our Heavenly Parent. I made no excuses and tried my best to convey our Heavenly Parent’s heart and hope for all of us, as I experienced in Korea these past few weeks. I hope through this blog you could feel God’s love and True Parents’ spirit to move forward into a bright future together.


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  • Paul N Nsio


    Thank you very much Mirandy Kim and all Top Gun 2015 for your response to True Parents call!!! I have been with you through this Kim’s blog every day and I feel like being a Top Gun my self: what a journey full of hope and perspectives for our Global movement and for the entire world!!! As True Mother expressed, Top Gun(2nd Gen) are pure water who must nourish and energize this world towards One Family under God……..Ajjuuuuuu!!!


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