Day 15: Full Circle

Written by Global Top Gun participant, Miyoung Eaton

Everything we’ve learned and hoped for seemed to come full circle today.

We’re in our last week of Global Top Gun. Since last night, Demian Dunkley, Director of Evangelism at FFWPU USA, has been facilitating presentations and reflections on True Parents’ vision for Tribal Messiahship. It took me a while to make the connection, but at some point today, I finally saw how this theme is the culmination of what we’ve been learning at Global Top Gun. We began with presentations about God, then shifted to presentations about True Parents, and we’ve finally arrived at presentations detailing how we can live our lives and build our relationships more intentionally, both according to their vision and through their promise and hope.


Demian shared today that the heart of Tribal Messiahship is the process of building dynamic, vibrant and healthy relationships with the people we know and meet on a day-to-day basis. He stressed that True Parents are not interested in building a church so much as they are interested in building the Kingdom of God on Earth, or Cheon Il Guk, in Unification parlance; that to build Cheon Il Guk, God needs us to honor the passions and gifts He and She has bequeathed to us so that we may better know how to attend God, True Parents, and one another, and in so doing create the world God has always longed for.


With this new light on Tribal Messiahship, my fellow Top Guns and I have all been internalizing this vision of building a culture of heart through Tribal Messiahship, reflecting on who our tribe consists of, and a few have already shared about their future plans and what’s next for them after Top Gun. You can read these reflections here


We just learned, too, that we’ll be meeting True Mother for lunch tomorrow! She has invited us to join her at the newly opened Heaven G’Burger, a burger restaurant located a few minutes’ walk from the training center.


In a spur-of-the-moment effort to better prepare our hearts and minds for this visit, Demian proposed that we all walk up to the summit of the sacred local mountain together to pray. We scurried up the slick steps and walkways; some of us even threw snowballs at our unsuspecting neighbors, courtesy of the decent snowfall that began last night.


At the top, we gathered around the landmark pine tree that is located on the summit, called “the Tree of Blessing”, to pray.

It was such a beautiful moment. As we were walking up to the top of the mountain, I had to stop and look east out over the surrounding mountains and valleys because the view was so breathtaking. The snow made every crevice and wrinkle in the face of the mountains visible, and a burst of peach light from the sunset lit up all the surrounding area with a soft, promising glow of the adventures to come in our final week at Global Top Gun.


There’s still a lot to learn, both at Top Gun and beyond, but as we walked, and talked, and prayed together, it felt as if our goals and hopes for the workshop were coming to fruition. Citizens of 28 nations who came together as strangers only two weeks ago are now laughing and smiling and joking together as a real family or tribe might.

It’s amazing what can happen when we let go of our preconceptions and just try.


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  • chicago hispanic community for peace


    Thank you for your testimony, very inspiring.Congratulations for catching True Parents’ spirit on Tribal Messiah Mission. Count on our unconditional support, assistance and/or menthor ship processes; specially with Hispanic and Philippino culture. God in True Parents blessing be with you always.Aju! Aju!Aju!


  • Helen Downey


    Seeing the beauty at the training center and the new snow with wonderful attitude of hope brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. God Bless you all!


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