Day 16: Heaven G Burger with True Mother

Global Top Gun participants were told late last night that True Mother invited us for lunch at Heaven G Burger just before we left for our pilgrimage Wednesday afternoon, February 17, 2016. 


Together with Greater China Top Gun participants, we filled up the main floor of the newly opened restaurant and in a close-encounter cozy setting, True Mother greeted everyone with a big smile and shared a message reminding all of us of True Parents’ legacy in America and our role as young leaders in building Cheon Il Guk.


After finishing her address, True Mother encouraged us all to eat as much as we wanted. (I hear that one Global Top Gunner ate a record three burgers in that sitting.) Waiters and waitress served us McCol, True Mother’s delicious Heaven G. Burgers, potato wedges, cakes, and Kona coffee.


Once we’d eaten to our hearts’ content, the entertainment began. The Greater China Global Top Gunners started us off with two endearing, upbeat songs as a group. Then the Black and Red Clans each performed a song on behalf of Global Top Gun. The Black Clan sang a lovely arrangement of “Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart,” led by Nicole. And the Red Clan sang, “C’est Par L’Amour,” an original song composed by Congolese Unificationists, under the leadership of Gee Doo Nguala, a Unificationist-born young adult of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


After us, the band Apple Heaven took to the stage to close out the entertainment with several excellent performances. And then True Mother led us all in two rounds of “Saranghae” in honor of True Father and God before saying goodbye.


Later today, we’re heading to Yeosu as the first stop on a one-day pilgrimage of historic Unificationist sites on the southernmost shores of South Korea. Seeing these places with such strong and clear memories of True Mother in our minds and hearts promises to be quite exciting.

I’m not sure if you remember, but a week or so ago I wrote about our almost perfect day. I think we at Global Top Gun would all agree that today, spending time with True Mother, was a truly perfect day. 

To hear other Global Top Gun participants’ reflections about their experiences with True Mother, and to get in on our plans for the future, be sure to listen to our podcast here:

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