Faces of Top Gun

“I feel very blessed to be here, even though there were tough days. By being here, I really feel like my spirit is being cleansed again. It’s actually similar to the feeling of being on Generation Peace Academy, where I grew a lot in my spiritual life with God. Because that feeling is reflected here at the Global Top Gun Workshop, it means that I am growing and thriving in my relationship with God and True Parents. And it feels great. I hope that when I go back home, I can live with God and True Parents at the center of my life and practice creating a heavenly culture wherever I go.

The one lecture that resonated with my heart the most was Rev. Kevin Thompson’s lecture on creating a heavenly culture. I like this topic because it is practical and substantial. I can practice this back in my community and in my life. I think this will really attract people, because it is a culture of heart in which genuine love is naturally flowing. This will inspire many others. I know that it all starts from the individual to the whole. I am my own leader in my life of faith. 

Thank you to all who are part of this Global Top Gun Workshop. 

Thank you, True Mother, True Father and Heavenly Parent.”

– Sawa Suina, USA



“A few days ago I was talking with an elder Korean brother. I told him about a difficult situation I was having. He worried about me and asked, ‘Oh, what should we do if you are having a hard time?’

I could feel his brotherly love through those words. Then we continued talking and he told me, ‘You know, when True Father was in prison, he wrote “Song of the Spring Breeze.”’ Although he was in the hardest situation of his life, he encouraged Heavenly Parent. True Father told Unificationists that at the times when he was suffering the most, those were the times when Heavenly Parent embraced and loved him the most. Then this Korean brother told me that Heavenly Parent doesn’t have to worry about people who are doing fine but those who are having a hard time. He embraces and loves them while saying, ‘Oh, my poor child, I am here with you.’ I really felt that Heavenly Parent is encouraging me, and I felt loved. Often we don’t feel that there is someone who understands our situation and stays by our side. But at the same time we forget about God. I somehow felt relieved by those words of my brother.

Afterward, I started to wonder what would have happened if everyone throughout history would have had at least one person by their side during their life who encouraged them? Would that have saved them from hatred and war?

I believe we can be really thankful for our families and friends in our community. Sometimes even such small words can help others out in their situation without us knowing about the fact that it helped them a lot. I hope we will be able to help and support each other.”

– Katharina Eder, Germany



“I’ve come much closer to understanding True Parents. Not close, but closer. Learning that True Father follows God absolutely, even if God’s direction doesn’t make sense at the time. Reverend Kevin Thompson’s lecture helped me understand this point. 

Right now I’m struggling a lot with health issues that worsened after exerting myself too much playing Capture the Flag with the brothers. I feel constant pain, and it has made it difficult to focus but made me consider that True Parents have had to endure so much more pain yet still have to focus. 

Through talking to many people it’s clear that we all want to take action, instead of only talking about what is wrong. Personally I plan to take action when I get home.”

– Alan Becker, USA



And a word from Manoj Jacob, Pastor of the Clifton Family Church and Global Top Gun alumni:

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