Day 18: Tying Loose Ends

Though we still have two full days ahead of us, today was a day of tying loose ends here at Global Top Gun as we transition into the final stages of our workshop.


We began our day with an address from Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chairman of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) North America. Dr. Kim wanted to check in with us after our lunch with True Mother on Wednesday so he could share more of her vision with us and fill us in on True Mother’s response after our meeting at Heaven G Burger.


Dr. Kim reported that True Mother was very happy to see us and felt revived by our energetic performances and attitudes, which was very rewarding to hear. He also built upon what True Mother had said in her address to us, saying, “More than just studying the Divine Principle or participating in educational lectures here at Cheong Pyeong, True Parents really want you to have the experience of developing the strength and sensitivity of your spirits and cultivating your hearts and daily lives so that they can become bigger, brighter, and wider in the service of God and humankind.”


Following Dr. Kim’s remarks, Demian concluded the Tribal Messiahship education we began on Tuesday. We first covered the process of setting goals based on our passions and purposes we had discerned in reflection and conversation earlier in the week. Then, we took some time to network together with those of our fellow Top Gunners who shared similar passions in order to lay a foundation of support that we can build upon in the imminent future. Finally, we had a session on event-planning as a way to take practical first steps in creating the culture we would like to see in our own movement and our own communities.


Later, Tasnah led us in a reflection activity, “Coming Full Circle,” to help us begin finding closure in our workshop experiences. Reminding us of the intentions we had first set at the very start of the workshop, Tasnah asked us to reflect today about what we learned, what was amazing, what was amazingly challenging, and how can we apply what we’ve learned from these new experiences to our daily lives. This process of reflection, she explained, allows us to offer what we experienced to God and substantiates the genuine growth and change we seek in our lives.


For our final activity in the evening, we spent quality time with our clans—probably the last quality time we will have with each other before the workshop ends. It was a very precious time as we told each other what we appreciated about each other, played games, and sang songs.


But for all this loose end-tying, it’s not the end yet! Stay tuned for updates about our experiences at the Foundation Day Holy Marriage Blessing and more in the days to come.

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