Day 19: Foundation Day

Written by Miyoung Eaton

It’s been another busy day here at Top Gun. We’ve been active since 5:30 this morning, when we began preparing for the Foundation Day and the Foundation Day Holy Marriage Blessing celebrations at the Cheongshim World Peace Center. Thousands of other people have been active this morning, too, making up a sea of black suits, white dresses, and winter coats big enough to fill every seat of the stadium. Some of us could only find spaces to sit on the stairwells that ran up each section of seats.

True Mother presided over the day’s events and it was wonderful to see her again, this time from afar. She seemed both somber and happy as she made new announcements about the policies of Cheon Il Guk and officiated over the Marriage Blessing.

Once the Foundation Day events concluded, we made our way back to Cheong Pyeong for lunch and a few final presentations. Dr. Tyler Hendricks spoke first and had created a presentation especially for us on the basis of questions we had submitted to him the night before. Most of his comments were responses clarifying the current situation of relations between the Unification movement and Sanctuary Church. His insights as an experienced and heartistic Unificationist theologian were very welcome.

Dr. Hendricks was followed by my father, David Eaton, who shared his testimony about his work as a Unificationist musician and artist for the past 40 years. His testimony was particularly inspiring because it reinforced the presentations given by Demian earlier this week about the foundations of Tribal Messiahship. My dad testified that through his willingness to give up his passion for music in service to God after he first met the Unification movement, God was able to bless his passion, return it to him, and extend it further than it would likely have done otherwise.


Our final presentation was given by Naokimi Ushiroda, President of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) USA, who shared about the current vision and activities of CARP, as well as opportunities available to Top Gunners to get more involved with CARP after they return home to their communities. Mr. Ushiroda also reported that the CARP USA mission and vision statement was recently updated to focus on the theme of empowerment through the application of Unification principles.

Finally, since it’s our last night altogether as a tribe, we’ve been sharing testimonies, songs, and dance together for a few hours now. It’s hard to believe that Top Gun ends tomorrow, but with the ending now imminent, everyone is that much more inspired to get up on stage and share their hearts however they can: through reflections, hip-hop, Albanian dance, soul music, original songs, pop, solos, duets, jokes, tears, laughter—I think we’ve seen just about everything tonight. And it’s been truly beautiful.

A big shout-out to my fellow Global Top Gunners for your incredible heart and courage.

One more day to go.

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