Day 20: It’s Just the Beginning

It’s the last day of our adventures here at Global Top Gun 2016, and the atmosphere here is one of inspiration, friendship and gratitude.

We began our day with group meetings to plan our next steps after Top Gun. We split up into continental and then regional groups to identify who in the workshop will comprise our support team after going back home, and to determine what we hope to accomplish together when we get back. Each regional group was committed to sharing about our Global Top Gun experiences with our local communities, creating opportunities for more people to engage in Global Top Gun by hosting regional iterations of the workshop, and raising funds to support future participants’ travel fees to Korea.


Following our morning meetings, Tasnah and Demian facilitated a unique appreciation activity. While one-third of us sat on the ground with our eyes closed, the other two-thirds of the group approached those sitting down in response to statements like, “I am happy that I got to know you” and “I love you more than you know.” We embraced one another, held hands, touched each other on the shoulder to express how these statements applied to our relationships, then switched out by thirds to have the experience of both giving and receiving these anonymous, heartfelt expressions of love and appreciation.


It was a really moving, culminating experience for the workshop. Reflecting on this activity and the workshop as a whole, one participant, Boimah Massaley, shared, “I feel so much love and so much joy. I’ve always tried to love humankind, but there have been times when I have wondered why, when I’ve shown people so much love, I did not receive love in return. But right after this activity, I came to find that, yes indeed I can feel love—maybe I just needed to travel somewhere across the world to meet the people, from so many locations, who can show me love.

“A very big thanks to the workshop director, Demian, and to my workshop family and everyone else here. This has been an event that will stay with me all of my life and will be something that I can use to empower my attitude to love humankind even more.”

In the afternoon, we concluded the workshop with a graduation ceremony. The event began with a representative testimony by Sholina Pearson about the growth of her relationship with and her appreciation for True Mother at Global Top Gun. “I really believe that this February Top Gun workshop was a gift—something that God and True Mother both knew I needed.”


President Lee of the Cheong Pyeong Training Center and Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chairman of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) North America, followed with congratulatory remarks.


With that, we received our certificates of completion and graduated from Global Top Gun 2016! And then started taking pictures left and right in our newly minted Top Gun aviators. Though we were sad to start saying our goodbyes right after the ceremony, we were also never more ready to take on the world—united together centered on God and True Parents.

Stay tuned for our final reflections and takeaways, coming soon!


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