Day 1: Opening Day for 2nd Global Top Gun Youth

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After much anticipation, the 2nd Global Top Gun Youth (GTGY) finally began on August 1, 2017 with a victorious start.

After a full morning of registration, the 2nd GTGY kicked off with the opening ceremony in the afternoon. It was different from last year’s in that True Mother didn’t come to visit us this time. As the program went on, however, we heard the news of True Mother planning to visit us in two days. We could only be grateful from hearing this news. Even through this, we could feel True Mother’s love toward us and how she really sees us as the light of the world.

We started off with icebreakers, with everyone getting to know each other. From this, the global community that we raised up for so many years was finally shown in one place, in a place no other than Cheongpyeong. Just to paint an image: 1200 people in total gathered and 76 different countries were represented. It would be difficult to gather a more diverse crowd.

After our icebreakers, we had an orientation on what this workshop would be about. We went over what True Mother said to us in last year’s GTGY and its relevance this year: we have to know True Parent’s heart, realize their wish, be the heroes that God and True Parents want us to become, overcome difficulties, support each other, and become the best in our field.

The motto for this year remains the same as last year’s: “Become the light of the world through ‘Hyojeong’ [a Filial Heart] toward heaven.” We also had the following vision to go along with this motto: We need to cultivate Global Hyojeong Youth Leadership in order to feel a heart of filial piety for Heavenly Parents and True Parents connected with our global family.

Yet the end goal of this workshop is threefold: to know a personal Heavenly Parent, to know the significance of True Parents, and to know and understand the Divine Principle. By meeting this goal, we can develop our life of faith and contribute to God’s Will, which is what our Heavenly Parents and True Parents so desperately want. Participants were all so moved to hear this.

For the evening session, we learned a little about Chanyang (Holy Song Session) and the Cheongpyeong Providence. The lecture was given by Mr. Inpyo Moon, a longtime leader and lecturer in Cheongpyeong. The talk was given in a serious tone, and through this, we could start to feel the significance of Cheongpyeong.

There were two key points that we could learn from this lecture: Cheongpyeong exists so we can save humankind, and the main point of Chanyang is to be reborn and resurrected as filial sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. As always, these words were refreshing to hear.

To close the day, we met in our families (teams of 8 people) for the first time. Despite our language barriers and different cultures, we still did our best and try to understand each other on why we all came. The reasons for coming to this GTGY varied: some people were interested in what Cheongpyeong and GTGY were all about, some others were sent by their Abel figure, as well as other reasons. Whatever the reason, we were all truly grateful to be here.

Who knows what’s in store for tomorrow.


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