Day 3: Meeting True Mother

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Who knew you could receive so much grace and blessings in one day?

Today, as a very special occasion: we, as an entire group of 1300 people, visited the Cheon Jung Gung (Palace) to meet True Mother. Before that, though, we had an even rarer opportunity to visit True Father’s grave, which is located in the back of the Cheon Jeong Gung. Many of us felt that this was a deep and unexpected moment, and some of us could even feel True Father’s presence there.

We then all gathered in the Cheon Jung Gung, waiting to welcome True Mother. Of course, we were all excited and enthusiastic when True Mother finally arrived. Each tribe performed their chants that we all practiced yesterday, and True Mother was delighted to see the unity among us.

And finally, True Mother had some words for us. In the beginning of her speech, she expressed directly and seriously that we need to be filial sons and daughters of True Parents, become one with True Parents’ heart, and become a person of True Parents’ love.

She then emphasized that responsibility is key and explained how many central figures in history have failed to fulfill their responsibility, and how this hurts God’s heart and prolongs His providence. Basically, we need to recognize that we have a responsibility and fulfill it with our 100% effort.

Lastly, she ended with some tips and guidance for us. She told us that we need to practice true love by living for the sake of others, and not to keep happiness to ourselves, but spread it to everybody. She has so much confidence in us; she said that through us, the world must become clean and bright, and because of us, our future has hope. Those were some impactful words to end on, and many people were moved and maybe even surprised to hear these words.

Quite a few people were anxious to meet True Mother and felt that their internal preparations weren’t enough. For some of us, it was our first time seeing True Mother in person. This raised mixed feelings: of course, we were happy and excited to meet True Mother, but we could also feel so undeserving. All in all, this meeting created and sustained a positive atmosphere throughout the day, and hopefully it will throughout the workshop, too.

On the heels of meeting True Mother in person, we got to learn about True Parents’ life course in the afternoon. We first learned about why True Parents are so important in history. We basically learned that God and humanity longs for the True Parents of humanity that will start God’s lineage. True Parents’ mission is to declare the truth (Divine Principle), save humankind (Blessing Marriage), and create a world peace movement. They create the framework of goodness that all of us can follow.

Next, we learned about True Father’s early life. The basis of his early years was that he had such a big heart for many of his friends and classmates that they called him ‘Father’. True Father would go through intense training to achieve mind-body unity, and this meant living a simple lifestyle, fasting, never wearing new clothes, praying for many hours a day, and helping people who needed it. We found that through these things, among others, True Father could really master himself and attain perfection.

We also learned things about True Mother’s early life, too. We learned that many people gave her big revelations at a very young age. Like True Father, True Mother went through severe spiritual training, living life like a nun and letting God guide her through her life.

Through these lectures, we could really feel what kind of heart that True Parents had for humanity and the world, and even just a glimpse of how hard they worked and how much they had to suffer to become the True Parents. Though it was hard listening to hours of lectures, it was still insightful and good spiritual food to receive.

Finally, for the evening session, we learned about the Cheongpyeong Providence and why this place is so special. We learned how True Father invested a lot of conditions to find this place, and even from the 1970s, declared that this was a place that people from all over the world would gather. It’s only fitting that this is all happening now.

In the end, we learned that now, True Mother desires to create Cheon Il Guk on earth, and she is really trying to establish that here by raising up this place and creating new facilities. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

It’s not so often that you can experience and receive this much spiritual food and grace in a day. Let’s hope tomorrow will be an even better day.

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