Day 11: Second Day of Pilgrimage

Today, we visited more sites related to True Parents’ life course. Our first stop was Yamok Church. The background of this church is interesting: Rev. Cha, who was witnessed to by True Father in North Korea, created his own church in the South. When he heard of Father again later, all 120 members of his congregation joined the church. This church became a pivotal center for the early activities of the Unification Church, and many members came here for workshops.

As for the site itself, we had a chance to go inside the chapel of the Yamok Church (where workshops used to be held) and received a short explanation. Then we were able to see the place where True Father stayed when he came here, and also the place he prayed here, which was a little bit up the mountain.

Our next stop was Sun Moon University. There, we all received a presentation on the origins of the university, the obstacles they had to face to make it happen, and where they are now. We learned that True Parents created this university with the motto “Love Heaven, Love Humankind, Love your Country.” We learned that Sun Moon went through tough times, once ranking in the bottom out of all of the universities in Korea. However, with effort, Sun Moon was able to improve and become among the top universities in Korea today. True Father’s vision for Sun Moon is to become the “Harvard of the East,” and we could really see them working hard to achieve that. We then went all the way to Yeosu and first visited Cheonghae Garden. As beautiful as the view was of the ocean from there, we didn’t come here for that. Rather, we came here to experience True Father’s heart and how much devotion he invested in this place. We learned that Father spent many of his days here fishing, especially in the later parts of his life, and also how he did his longest Hoon Dook Hae session here (23 hours, 30 minutes). From this, we could really experience True Father’s Ocean Providence, and what he did to achieve it.

And to cap off the day, we got to eat and have sauna time in The Ocean Resort, which is another site that Father built up in Yeosu.

This day was truly amazing for me. I feel blessed that I can experience all of these things during my first time in Korea. I am really grateful to True Mother for letting us use the Ocean Resort. If this is what the Kingdom of Heaven feels like, I’m ready to do anything to achieve it.” –Benedek, Hungary

Through all of these activities, we really saw how much True Mother wants to provide for us. By knowing this, we could receive all of these things with a heart of gratitude. More sites are ahead  tomorrow. 

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