Day 12: The Third Day of Pilgrimage

Today was deep.
After eating breakfast at the Ocean Resort, we departed for Busan. We first visited the newly-opened Busan Church, where True Mother came to visit for the Opening Ceremony. Then, nearby, we were able to see the rock which was alongside the original hut that was built when Father first came to Busan. The contrast between the two places was incredible. We could really see how humble Father’s beginnings were.

We then went to the Rock of Tears, which was also close by. This was the place where True Father prayed and shed many tears for the sake of humanity. We were all able to touch the rock that True Father prayed on as we also prayed with loud voices.

I could really feel the heart of True Father as I prayed on the Rock of Tears. I was also really grateful that despite some inconveniences that we may have experienced on the pilgrimage, we never complained. This reminded me of Father’s heart and how he never complained no matter how difficult the circumstance.” –Sakuma, Japan

On our last stop, we went to Moonjeong Saejae, which is a mountain pass in South Korea. The reason we visited this place was because Father passed through this place on his way south to Busan. Here, we were reminded that we did not come to this pilgrimage to have fun, but rather to feel the heart of True Father in the early days. This was important for us because it set the tone for this site.

Here, although there wasn’t much to see, we experienced True Father’s heart by carrying each other on our backs. We did this because True Father also did this when he carried Mr. Park on his back through this mountain. As difficult as this was, we only walked a fraction of what Father walked, so we could imagine how much harder it was for Father. When we got to the base of the mountain, we prayed again.

As if this wasn’t enough grace and blessings for one day, we all got to eat in a restaurant for dinner! We all ate Bibimbap with a heart of gratitude, and that was a good end to our day.

Today was interesting because we got to see the roots of our movement and how humble our beginnings were. But tomorrow, we’ll visit the Cheon Jeong Gung (again), which is basically the  culmination of all our efforts. We can hardly wait.

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