Day 13: Visiting Cheon Jeong Gung

After a long three days of traveling around Korea, we finally got to spend our day in Cheongpyeong again.

That being said, for the morning, we went to the Cheon Jung Gung—again. It was a little different this time, however, since we actually walked there all the way from Cheongpyeong. We considered this as the final part of the pilgrimage, and we did this, once again, to experience True Father’s heart. In the 1970’s, Father walked from where is now Cheongpyeong to where is now the Cheon Jung Gung every day. Since that is difficult to do, we experienced just a little of True Father’s heart by doing it once.

After the long and difficult journey up to the Cheon Jung Gung, we visited True Father’s resting place again and paid our respects. Then, we had a chance to look at the exhibition hall of True Parents’ life. We later went to the prayer hall and offered our prayers, and we each got a unique prayer card containing True Parents’ words. For many of us, the words we got on the card was surprisingly relevant to what we were praying about.

We were explained that the reason why the Cheon Jung Gung is so important is because God was looking for a dwelling place on earth throughout history, and that could finally be manifested through the Cheon Jeong Gung. Therefore, it was important to regard the Cheon Jeong Gung as not just any ordinary place, but a sacred place where God can dwell on earth.

In the afternoon, we received a special lecture from Rev. Cho. He is the Director- General of FFPWU International Headquarters and is very close to Mother. He explained that Mother hears reports every day from all around the world on the efforts that we’re making, and how she is always concerned about the 7.4 billion people of the world. He emphasized the importance of studying the Divine Principle and True Parents’ words.

But probably the most impressive thing was when he talked about what is going on around the world. We learned that in countries like Nepal, Cambodia, and Thailand, the government is working with us to conduct Blessings. We learned that in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Senegal, leaders with millions of followers have come to accept True Parents, and are now working on conducting Blessings to their followers. Lastly, we also learned that 30 countries have launched IAPP, and it now holds 4000 current parliamentarians.

Hearing all this news gave us hope, and it must have given True Mother a lot of hope, too. He concluded his message by saying that we need to align our visions and dreams with True Parents’ visions and dreams, and then we can stand as the heroes of Cheon Il Guk. We need to become representatives of True Parents and one with True Parents.

In the evening, we had the auditions for culture night. We watched over 30 performances representing all different kinds of countries and cultures. This was really a time to come together as a workshop in unity but also respect and observe each other’s differences. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Through going to the Cheon Jung Gung and hearing Rev. Cho’s lecture, I was able to understand True Parent’s heart for the future and how much they prepared for it. As for tonight’s culture night, I was really able to appreciate the God-given uniqueness of everyone through all the performances, regardless of what culture or place they came from. I really hope that through  everyone’s uniqueness, we can all somehow contribute to True Parents’ Will.” –Mika, Japan

We’ve been through a lot this workshop. But tomorrow, an important phase of the workshop begins: Blessing Education. 

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