Day 14: Blessing Education

Intense. That pretty much sums up the day.
Today, we had some Blessing Education. But this isn’t your typical Blessing workshop; it was heavy, but insightful, information to absorb.

We first talked about the Blessing in our life. We first all wrote what we were committed to (what you want in your Blessing). Then we talked about what may get in the way of our dreams: circumstances. We were explained that we need to have dominion over our circumstances; in other words, you should be the subject, and circumstances should be the object. Lastly, we learned that love is not meant to be taken; love is meant to be given and received.

We then talked about the Blessing in a wider context: how it will save the world. All God wanted us to just be able to fully love, and throughout all of history, we were unable to do that. But because of the advent of True Parents, we are now able to fully love and create God’s lineage. This is why the Blessing is important for 2nd Gen too: we need to continue the lineage and continue to purify ourselves. Lastly, we talked about the importance of integrity in the Blessing.

This was just a taste of what the Blessing is about. Afterward, things got intense. We first talked about sexual integrity: this is for everybody, including Heavenly Parent, to trust you and having nothing to hide—it is living a high noon life. We were told that without sexual integrity, you have nothing.

Then, we learned a bit about the science of pornography, and how pornography is a direct attack on the Three Blessings. Through science, we learned how pornography ruins the mind, ruins relationships, and ruins the world, creating a culture of selfishness and individualism. For people individually, we learned that porn creates a loss of hope and faith in yourself, and further distances yourself from your true self.

As difficult as this was to convey, many people needed to hear this. But what was probably more impactful was when people gave testimonies of their struggle with pornography. This was truly an eye-opening experience, and from this, many of us felt that we’re all in this together, and nobody has to go through this alone.

In the end of the day, we all shared what we learned today, and what we’re grateful for. “I am so amazed with the dramatic change taking place in the world today because True Parents are truly guiding the Divine Principle ideology.” –Michael, Zambia

As challenging and uncomfortable as these topics were, it was important to discuss. We’re all thankful for that. Tomorrow, we continue with Blessing Education, but more on how we can deal with these issues. We’re in this together.

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