Day 16: Interesting and Eventful

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Interesting. And eventful. That pretty much sums up the day.

We started off the day with creating groups for Peace Designers Table. We’ll be focusing on that in the upcoming three days.

Afterward, we practiced the dance ‘Mujogeon’, which is a dance that was performed at Madison Square Garden and a dance that True Mother likes. We are planning to perform this in front of True Mother when we see her again, so we practiced with all our heart and passion.

We also practiced a song called ‘Baramgebi’, which is another song that True Mother likes. This song is about aligning our dreams with True Parents’, and we’ll also be singing this in front of True Mother.

In the afternoon, we had a series of special talks. The first one was about Gijeok-Sori, which is a Korean music contest. The purpose of this music contest is to inherit Hyo Jin Nim’s heart. The other purpose of this is to create a Heavenly culture through heavenly music. To prove that, they sang a few of their songs (and rap) that they wrote, which were all about Heavenly Parents and True Parents. This was great and inspiring to see, and it reminded us that we need more of this to spread our heavenly culture.

Next, we had a special talk from Dr. Michael Balcomb, who is now the Continental Director of Europe. His message was very simple and consisted of three points. First, change is probable because of True Parents. Second, we can make that change if we’re determined, just like True Parents. Third, we need to have a strong foundation to stand on, so we need to find that foundation. Because of its simplicity and brevity, many people liked this talk.

Then we had a special talk from the very distinguished Yeon Ah Nim. She spoke for a long time, but she had a few main points: think that God is very close to you; marriage is the training of love; live for the sake of others; take responsibility for the results of your actions; and grow up beautifully, happy, strong, and safe, just like our True Mother said.

She then talked about True Father’s and True Mother’s favorite foods. Through this, we could connect and understand more deeply about True Parents’ life. After her talk, Yeoh Ah Nim stayed and took pictures with every single clan and shook hands with everybody. It was a heartwarming experience and it really showed how she deeply cares about all of us.

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