Day 17: Peace Designer’s Table

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What is Peace Designer’s Table, anyway? That’s what we found out today.

In the morning, we learned about how True Parents contributed to peace and one global family, mostly focusing on their NGO and NPO (non-government, non-profit) work. We talked about Father’s inter religious activities as well as his economic activities (Ocean Providence, developing technology). We were reminded that he did not do this to make money, but for the sake of the world. This inspired us to create our own NGO and NPO projects.

We then had a talk on issues that surround us and thought about how we could solve those issues. We learned that people who make the biggest change think differently, and then saw examples of young people making a change in their communities. We then thought about what we wanted to solve in our communities.

In the afternoon, we went more in-depth into the issue we each wanted to solve. We asked ourselves what the root of the issue was, who is affected, and how we can help them. Afterward, we had long discussions in the groups that we had made yesterday and chose one issue that we wanted to focus on. We then discussed how we would structure these projects. We were told that GTGY wanted the best groups to turn into actual projects and receive funding to do so. This inspired us to really take this seriously and reminded us that if anyone is going to solve the world’s problems, it is going to be us.

In the evening, we had another special guest speaker: Hoon Sook Nim. She has been doing ballet for over 30 years and she was considered the best ballet dancer in Korea. She basically gave a testimony on her experiences with ballet. To her, ballet was a path of faith and something that she ‘practiced religiously.’ She also mentioned that ballet is a very principled form of dance, and True Father even called it a ‘dance of heaven.’ Lastly, she closed by saying that culture is a way of life and that it is culture and art that moves the world, not politics.

And that’s a day. Tomorrow, we continue with the Peace Designer’s Table, piecing together our group projects into a presentable form. There are 163 groups in total, and it will be amazing to see what each group will create.

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