Day 18: Finding Inspiration, Posters for Peace

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Projects. So many projects.

Today we had an opportunity to actually work on our projects by making posters.

Before that though, we had a series of talks to inspire us and help us work on our projects. The first speaker talked about the dream of reunification between North and South Korea. He talked about his experiences working on projects for reunification and personally volunteering in North Korea. He told us to love people, have hope, and make True Parents’ dreams come true.

The second speaker talked about living for the sake of others. He talked about his experiences working and volunteering in other countries. His main message was that ‘living for the sake of others’ doesn’t mean to only do that within the church, but also find a way to connect that to business and social problems, too.

The third speaker was the Executive Director of YSP (Youth and Students for Peace) Japan, Mr. Koji Matsuda. He told us to think of the world’s problems as our own problems, and reminded us that True Mother said that we need to be the light of the world. He had four main points to share with us: practice HyoJeong (filial heart toward heaven), have a purpose in your life, do and say things based on love, and study True Parents’ words and make their goals your own.

And lastly, our fourth speaker of the day was the YSP Secretary-General, Mr. Masahiro Izawa. He told us to not just say ‘live for the sake of others’, but to live it, too. We learned that we need to live the Divine Principle, have a bigger heart for the world, and achieve True Parents’ dream.

All of these speakers helped us to get our projects started. Mr. Izawa even helped facilitate the process when we were making our posters. He said we should break down our projects into three parts: the problem, cause, and solution, and work on each part accordingly. He also told us that passion is the starting point for any activity, so we each shared why we were passionate about our topics.

The rest of the day was spent on working on our projects and making our posters. It was nice to see us working together in our teams and how beautiful they turned out.

Tomorrow, we’ll spend the day looking at all the projects that we made. We can hardly wait.

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