True Mother’s Most Recent Message for Global Top Gun

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chairman for North America, visited with the Global Top Gun workshop participants to deliver True Mother’s most recent message to the future leaders of the Unification Movement; Sunday, August 23, 2015.

Good evening everyone. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this day to see each one of you and to share with you just how deep True Mother’s gladness is over seeing you and how glad she is that you came to Cheongpyeong (Heaven and Earth Training Center). It is not easy to come here even if you live in Korea or Japan. And then there are a lot of internal battles within and you may have struggled over how you could center your decision on True Parents.

When True Mother initiated the Top Gun Workshop last year in Korea and Japan, she directed to please have a Top Gun Workshop in America as well. I really struggled over how to call our young generation to come for a 21- or 40-day Top Gun Workshop in America. When True Mother came to America after her tour in Europe last May, she asked again about holding the Top Gun Workshop and suggested we find a way to gather European and American young adults to come to Korea, or to wherever it was possible for them to come together, and hold a 21-day Top Gun workshop. True Mother asked after it again in July, and so we quickly made plans to hold this workshop. True Mother asked Korea and Japan to participate together with America and Europe so that at this workshop, they could network and communicate about the future of our movement. This was her desire. We don’t want to focus on just one nation; God’s Providence must be global, not just Asia- or America-centric.

True Mother asked participants to build up a global networking system of leadership centering on True Parents where anyone in the world could bring their issues to be discussed for the sake of finding solutions.

Today I’d like to talk about why True Parents spent 40 years in America; why True Mother said these 40 years were the golden era of True Parents’ life and how they brought this foundation back to Korea and with it, were able to proclaim Korea as God’s fatherland. Do you know what True Father’s first message was to Unificationist families when he came to America in 1965? To a small gathering of American leadership he asked, “Why did I come to America? Yes I came because God called me to America; America is crumbling. God prepared this country for 238 years but now America is in crisis. God directed me to go there and save this country.” I recently shared this message with the American Unificationist families. God and True Parents told us America is God’s chosen nation; God prepared this nation not just 238 years ago with the Founding Fathers. That’s not wholly true; God has been waiting for this country for the last 2,000 years after Jesus Christ.

What is the situation today? Yes, America is struggling. Everywhere we look, we cannot find our creator, God. We are not free to worship God where we want. We are struggling in our churches, struggling in our communities and in our schools; everywhere we go we cannot find God any longer, we cannot freely pray everywhere. So this is America today. So it was on this point that True Mother spoke about yesterday to a group of us over a small luncheon meeting for the Sunhak Peace Prize committee members. True Mother testified that True Parents spent 40 years in America as doctors and fire fighters because God told them to please save this country. God really wanted to save this country. The 6,000-year providence of restoration is the reason God called True Parents to go to America as firefighters and doctors. America was struggling because of communist activities, and the first thing True Parents really wanted to overcome in this nation was these communist activities. True Father taught Godism, and as you heard this afternoon from Dr. Bo Hi Pak (True Father’s translator until 1990) this afternoon, over 300,000 people gathered at the Washington Monument Rally where True Father spoke. He told America to awaken and repent today. True Parents are not afraid of any kind of controversy, and stand up with their strength of faith in God. “God called me to tell you this,” True Father conveyed. “This is God’s message.” This was True Parents’ message from the beginning, from 1965 through the late 2000s before True Father ascended to the spirit world.

Only one thing can wake this nation and the American people. We need to understand God’s providence not only starting from the Founding Fathers, who came from Europe and established America. For God to build this country it actually took 2,000 years, not just 200 years. And then we need to understand why True Parents came to America: to save American families. American families are breaking down since long time ago—not just 30 years ago, not just 50 years ago. American families have been breaking down since the Founding Fathers arrived to this land. This was True Parents’ very serious message to America. When we study True Parents’ early ministry in America, True Father spoke out to Christian leaders, especially pastors, on this matter.

True Father traveled around America in an eight-city tour, 12-city tour and 32-city tour when he first started his ministry in America. His messages to America in 1965, 1973 and 1975 were all messages about Christianity. For example, he said that Christians and Christianity were in crisis, in danger. He cautioned Christians to wake up, repent and go back to God’s side; otherwise Christianity would fall. This was his main message. Prior to public speaking, True Father was very clear about why he came to America. He really wanted to save this country because God told him this was his mission.

Unfinished is this work, True Parents’ commitment to what our Heavenly Parent told them to do—to save America. How can we save this country? America is a Christian nation, so we need to wake up Christian leaders. True Parents spent a lot of time and effort and investment for the sake of Christianity because America’s culture stems from Christianity. True Father mentioned very clearly 50 years ago, in 1965, that after saving this country he will bring this victorious foundation True Parents built for 40 years in America back to Korea, and utilize it towards the reunification of North and South Korea. For exactly 40 years, True Parents laid down this foundation and spent all this time setting conditions toward the reunification of North and South Korea. After that, True Father proclaimed that Korea is God’s fatherland.

God’s providence of restoration for humankind is not simple. Why has God been waiting for 6,000 years, all the while watching as humankind suffered? Without fulfilling our portion of responsibility of laying down conditions for the sake of God, we cannot receive any blessings from our Heavenly Parent.

This is the course True Parents have taught through their guidance and public messages. There are so many things True Parents spent time doing for the sake of the people around them. Without education, no one can really understand God and God’s providence, the Second Coming of the messiah, and True Parents. This is why we are here today. We came here to this 21-day workshop on the wonderful foundation of True Parents and on the foundation of the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. We really want to learn about True Parents’ providential way of teaching. This is our goal: to understand True Parents and our Heavenly Parent.

I spent a lot of time personally with True Father and now True Mother. Until 2012 I spent four years with True Parents in Las Vegas. Every day, we shared Hoon Dok Hwe. True Father carried his own Hoon Dok Hwe books every morning by himself, turning the pages and reading together. These moments are a very precious treasure. Now we are celebrating the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa (ascension). What did we learn from True Father? What did he leave us for the sake of all blessed central families and our coming generations?

True Father bequeathed us three last wills before he went to the spirit world. He called an international Divine Principle study for ten days back in 2012 just before he ascended to the spirit world. I was here, just upstairs from this lecture hall, where he spoke for over six hours, and bequeathed us three wills:

First, to understand the Divine Principle.

Second, not only understand, but to act upon it, because without action, understanding is nothing. Without action we cannot understand True Parents and our Heavenly Parent.

And last but not least, to please have Hoon Dok Hwe in your families. Think about understanding and practicing the Divine Principle teachings in your tribal messiahship activities, and don’t just stop there. Build an ongoing understanding and ongoing action steps centering on Hoon Dok Hwe. This is the reason why True Mother wanted to compile 1,000 of True Parent’s speeches in the Cheon Seong Gyeong (Heavenly Scriptures), Pyeong Hwa Gyeong (Peace Messages), and now in the Cham Bumo Gyeong (True Parents’ Life Course).

That was one of True Mother’s first missions. Another thing True Mother did was invest in the education of second generation Unificationists like the ones here. The morning following True Father’s Seonghwa Ceremony, I gathered with other church leaders in a meeting with True Mother where she proclaimed that from now on she would invest in the coming generations of Unificationists. I was so impressed with True Mother’s commitment in these two areas, and in everything she wanted to do from there on— moving forward centering on investing in the coming generations, cultivating our understanding of True Parents, and nurturing future leaders in our movement and build the future with True Parents’ ideals.

This has been True Parents’ motivation for the sake of America. I don’t know if you have read the Cheon Seong Gyeong in full yet. Japan, Korea, America, Europe—father, mother and son nations—I regard these nations as one nation. We are not just Japanese, Korean, American and European. In True Parents’ eyes, we are one family under True Parents. This is the reason True Mother called all of you. She is eager to see what you will do after this 21 days of study. True Mother knows you are her own children and she prepared with care for this workshop especially. Let us be as kin brothers and sisters, not only among these four nationalities; we all, regardless of national background, are as one family.

I traveled a lot with True Father and True Mother. They never miss early morning Hoon Dok Hwe. I know you will have a lot of great experiences here. I joined the church when I was 12 years old. At 12 years old, I didn’t know anything about Divine Principle. I didn’t know anything about True Parents.

My aunt is one of the elder Unificationists—I cannot say she is one of the founding members, but she joined at an early stage of this movement. She pushed me to go to church, but I didn’t really want to go every Sunday. I found it really boring. I went with school friends my age to the movie theatre and to the park to play soccer every Sunday. I didn’t really understand the purpose behind service and workshops and the Divine Principle or True Parents.

You all went to the Cheong Pa Dong (the first Unification Church center) where True Father and True Mother stayed? In the corner of the small room, I stayed with my aunt when I was 12 years old. I remember my aunt praying every day and every night. Whenever I went to school or to my job, I was not looking at the teacher’s blackboard. I was just sleeping. That’s what I remember. Because every night my aunt never stopped praying, and she pushed me every Sunday go to Sunday service.

One day, it occurred to me to wonder, why is my aunt doing this? She was a top graduate at university and she had a top government official position, yet she gave up everything for the sake of True Parents and the movement. I really wanted to understand my aunt, my spiritual mother, and it took 15 more years, when I entered college, before I really wanted to study the Divine Principle and research about True Father and True Mother and discover why we call them the Second Coming of the Messiah, and why we call them saviors of humankind.

Consider this; say Jesus came before you, as he did for humankind 2,000 years ago, and shared God’s providence with you, what would you do? Would you say, “Oh Jesus, why did you come here? You were alive 2,000 years ago, now you go your way and I’ll go mine.” This would be very foolish. Since we, today, understand True Father and True Mother as the messiah and savior, what would you do?

What is the best way to build a happy person, happy family, happy nation and happy world? Without True Parents we cannot have happy families, a happy world or the kingdom of God. This is the point I wanted to make today. True Parents are not just the parents of all humankind. Without them, no one can be saved; no one qualifies to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. This is what you are looking for. This group is on average 29 years old. What are you looking for? Yes, in our national movement headquarters, among our local pastors or students, what are you looking for? This is True Mother’s message.

We have the messiah. Before 1960, True Father was the messiah. But after True Father and True Mother’s Holy Wedding Ceremony in 1960, together they became the True Parents, saviors of humankind. We have the messiah here, so what is the best way to build up our own valuable lives? Without them, we cannot lead any kind of valuable life or any kind of happy life, because they are the saviors and without them, no one can be saved, no one can be in the kingdom of heaven. In other words, True Parents are everything to each one of us. We need to inherit the legacy of True Parents. Do you know their lifetime motto? “Living for the sake of others.” This is True Parents’ life course, living for the sake of America and the world.

How do we lead this kind of lifestyle of absolute faith, love and obedience? This is True Parents’ lifestyle. We need to understand True Parents! I think this should be the main goal of this 21-day Top Gun Workshop. I’d like to conclude with a word on True Father, based on his life motto: living for the sake of others. The following five points are True Father’s lifetime commitment before our Heavenly Parent:

1. Be a true filial son before Heavenly Parent.

2. True Father wanted to inherit God’s heart with filial piety and be a son who understands God’s suffering heart. This is the reason why I call True Father the only begotten son, like Jesus was 2,000 years ago.

3. As the Second Coming of the Messiah and to be the True Parents, True Father needed to meet True Mother. Without meeting True Mother, True Father could not be called True Parents. After the Holy Wedding Ceremony they became the savior for all humankind.

4. What is the messiah’s mission? To proclaim the truth, God’s message. Without God’s message, no one can be called the savior or messiah. We have the truth. We call it the Divine Principle and True Father’s message.

5. Last but not least, what is the messiah’s goal? To build the kingdom of heaven on earth. We call it Cheon Il Guk.

These are the five points True Father was striving to achieve. Please understand this as we celebrate True Father’s Seonghwa Anniversary next week. Let us have filial piety. Let us become inheritors of God’s heart. Let us be messiahs. True Parents meant not only for them to become messiahs; they want us to become messiahs. And then we need to proclaim the truth, the Divine Principle, and be first class citizens of Cheon Il Guk. I really wanted to share this message with Unificationist families in America before I came to Korea; I really want to meet the young second generation Unification leaders who are here at the 21-day Top Gun Workshop, and for you to understand about True Father’s and True Mother’s course. Let us prepare ourselves to become filial sons and daughters before True Parents and our Heavenly Parent. Everything takes time. This is the reason for True Mother’s ongoing investment for the sake of our coming generations and our movement around the world.

Thank you so much for listening, and I really hope all of you have a great time. You will have a very productive and unforgettable experience and a very memorable workshop with one another. I was very surprised last night; I was in the dining room and I talked to some brothers and sisters, and then after just 10 minutes they moved to another table and said, “Oh, I have to go find my family.”

When you go to Korea and you meet so many people, your job is to practice kindness. Kindness is the best way to make good friends, so whenever you have a great time take your neighbor or your family member to the café and buy them a cup of coffee. That is your job.

I really hope you can practice this spirit in your city, nation and God-centered family, this spirit of being one family under God and one family under True Parents. Thank you all staff and lecturers. Let us give True Mother a big hand! Thank you all and God bless you!

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