True Mother’s Address on the Fourth Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa

True Mother gave the following address at the fourth anniversary program for True Father’s Seonghwa, held on August 19 at the Peace World Center in Korea.


Respected dignitaries from home and abroad, peace ambassadors, beloved Blessed families and members from around the world, I love you! All of you, as you saw in the video, during the 3rd anniversary of True Father’s ascension, we told True Father we will fulfill our responsibility on earth.

“Father, please ascend to the eternal resting place. Please comfort Heavenly Parent who has been lonely until now. Become an offering and become free. Please ascend to Heavenly Parent.” Do you remember? Our responsibility on earth—what is that responsibility? It is to testify to True Parents. It is to love True Parents, and it is to convey the will of True Parents to all 7.3 billion people, so that all 7.3 billion people around the world can know of that will. Are you doing so?

Thirteen regions have been organized depending on their languages and various activities, such as Tribal Messiah activities taking place. Going beyond the tribe, going beyond the nation and expanding to the world, the providence is moving forward. Asia, Africa, all 13 regions, are alive with the fire of Tribal Messiahship. True Parents must be testified to all of humanity. Only by knowing about the True Parents can humanity find hope. This is the fulfillment of humanity’s wish. This is the dream of Heavenly Parent; however, for 6,000 biblical years, humanity has suffered under the dominion of Satan. Humanity had the strong yearning for heaven, yet remained ignorant on how to find heaven.

This is because it was not possible for fallen human beings to go directly to Heavenly Parent. A condition of indemnity is required. How difficult must it have been, how painful must it have been, so that it took 6,000 biblical years for the history of the Providence of Restoration that God has led. It took 4,000 biblical years to raise the chosen nation, and having paid various conditions of indemnity, God raised the people to the level of the nation. On that foundation, God sent his only Begotten Son, Jesus, but Mary, who is a central figure, and the family of Zachariah, the family of Joseph, the Jewish leaders, the people of Israel—they were ignorant of Heaven’s Providence.

Until now, countless human beings have been born on earth, but for the first time in 4,000 biblical years, for the first time in history, God sent his only Begotten Son, the person He refers to as “My Son”. If that is the case, the central figures should have embraced Jesus, the Messiah. They should have prepared the requisite environment for Jesus; however, we know the outcome. They failed in their responsibility, and that is why Jesus was crucified on the cross. On the cross, Jesus said, “I will come again.” What would Jesus do when he returns? He said, “I will host the Wedding of the Holy Lamb.” What does this mean? This means the realization of the wish of Heavenly Parent and the dream of humanity.

Humanity dreams of finding the True Parents, because only through True Parents can humanity return to the position of the true children of God. By their own effort, fallen human beings cannot return to the position of true children of God unless True Parents leads them. Fallen children cannot be born anew into the Kingdom of God; therefore, the True Parents, for whom humanity has yearned for so long, for the first time in 6,000 years centering on the Korean people, the only Begotten Son and only Begotten Daughter were sent, and they hosted the Holy Wedding and became the True Parents of humankind.

Therefore, these people of Korea, what path must they choose? All of you, as Blessed families who have received the Blessing ahead of others, please fulfill the responsibility as heavenly tribal messiahs. Go beyond the tribe. Go beyond the nation. Reach the world. Establish a foundation on the world level for True Parents. This is the status of Blessed families worldwide.

Right now, through the 13 regions around the world, this work in taking place. In addition to this, this year during Foundation Day, the Parliamentarians Association was launched. In July, as you have seen through the video, in Nepal the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace was launched in Nepal, together with the launching of the Parliamentarians Association and Peace Road, the great journey linking humanity and peace. More than a 140 nations participated in the Peace Road, and together with the founding of the Parliamentarians Association, in each nation, virtuous men and women are participating, warmly welcoming these initiatives. In December, there will be the final launching of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace. Until that day, these initiatives will continuously take place.

When we look at these initiatives, the heart of people all around the world yearn to go toward the realization of a world of peace. But humanity has not known how to reach that objective. Therefore, they must wholeheartedly participate, support, and happily join the Family Federation for World Peace. The dream of the True Parents and the wish to humanity is to realize one family under God; however, today’s world is filled with various issues: religious conflict, conflict of race, territorial conflicts. All these conflicts stem from self-centered actions. Furthermore, through the industrial revolution, the livelihood of humanity has changed. Economic and material prosperity has been achieved, and second, third, and fourth superpowers emerged. Rather than focusing on the positive points, instead of focusing on the future, many problems are arising. One of them is climate change.

The earth cannot be laid to waste if humanity is to survive. What is most important, in terms of material things, are sunshine, water, and air. These are decreasing, are being affected. Looking at this reality, True Father, in South America, worked to resolve the issue of future food security and resolve the issue of climate change. True Father has mentioned that we must apply these principles to solve humanity’s problems. For decades, True Father has led the history of the providence.

People who have been concerned about the future of humanity have provided many good opinions, and they have identified many of the issues; however, when it comes to solving these issues, when it comes to providing viable solutions to these issues, the experts have not been able to provide good solutions. One of the reasons is the issue of the self-centeredness of superpowers. Until now, civilization, has developed science that is based on destruction, science that focuses on war. Isn’t that so?

Therefore, I want to revive the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences. All issues afflicting the world must be resolved because God originally created this beautiful world with an ideal in mind. Effort and movement must be developed to restore this world to its pristine state. To do so, experts and scholars must take the lead and support this great initiative. That is how they can earn the trust of humanity. Therefore, I want to begin the ICUS conferences as the center for academic studies of science. Through the media, I want to educate the masses and the population. I also want to engage in work that can bring about tangible results.

All of you have seen a beautiful performance on this stage today. In that performance, we had 1,200 second and third generation Unificationists from around the world participating. They are the future leaders of the Unification movement. Even though their languages and the cultural backgrounds may be different, because they know of True Parents, they can unite as one. Therefore, we will realize the dream of the Heavenly Parent, the dream of True Parents, and the wish of all of humanity without fail. Until that day, we will march forward—we must march forward.

Today is the fourth anniversary of True Father’s ascension. On this day, let us embrace the great will in our hearts! Let us make a firm determination that we will realize it! This is my request to you.