True Mother’s Cheon Il Guk Leader’s Conference Message

The following is an official translation of True Mother’s message from the Special Hyojeong Assembly for Cheon Il Guk Leaders Hosted by True Parentson August 30, 2018 at the Cheon Jeong Gung.

Did you offer a lot of devotion and receive heavenly grace the past three days? How long has Heaven believed in and waited for you? I said to cease everything and start anew. The weather has been

with us on our journey to wash away anything that could become an obstacle or flaw. Isn’t that so?

You are happy people. Until now, the providence of restoration has lasted six thousand years. How sorrowful and miserable was our Heavenly Parent to believe in and wait for humanity only to experience betrayal once again? Even so, God worked whole-heartedly and loved without any reserve so that today, you could come to know the heart of God, your Heavenly Parent, through True Parents.

I have been thinking about this for a few days. In order to be the homeland of the providence blessed by God, this country had to go through much preparation. The difficulties that we have overcome and the good ancestors we have become mustn’t be forgotten. Even before Heaven chose it, this nation developed a refined culture that worshiped Heaven, loved nature, and hated war. Due to this, people focused their lives on heaven and on God’s will and they worked hard.

However, for two thousand years, the Korean people experienced much suffering. Korea had a brilliant civilization, but this country paid indemnity until True Parents could manifest through the appearance of God’s only begotten daughter.

Korea’s liberation came in 1945. All of you know who Korea was liberated from. I was born in 1943. With liberation, Korea divided into South and North. The North implemented a communist system and the South, a democratic system, but the communist North progressed faster. At that time, I was in northern Korea. Christianity had only entered the country a hundred years before. Some groups believed that the returning Messiah would return in Pyongyang, which is why my family did not think of leaving our hometown. Yet heaven knew that I needed a period of growth as God’s only daughter, and since I could not grow properly in the North, Heaven guided me to head south. I was six years old at the time. If you calculate the direct distance between Anju [Mother’s hometown] and the 38th parallel, it is about 200 kilometers. Furthermore, heading south was impossible in those days. It was extremely difficult to leave during the night to avoid the sheriffs. Therefore, for some days, my family walked southward at night and at the point where the 38th parallel came into view, I caught a cold. I wanted to drink some water. My grandmother went to fetch some from the locals, and as I was drinking the water, we were caught. I still remember everything so vividly. We were not far from the 38th parallel.

A young woman ran as if she was running from death and crossed the border, but our family could not run like that because I was only six years old. Thus, we were caught. We were just women, so the officer said, “Go back to your hometown.” As you know, we could not just return home. So that very night, we crossed the 38th parallel. It feels just like yesterday, but that was seventy years ago.

When we look at the providence today, the status of True Parents must start from a foundation on the national level. However, Christianity could not establish a foundation. Several people were prepared, but they could not act. Many of their ideas were human-oriented and unrelated to Heaven’s providence.

The manifestation of True Parents revives and resurrects fallen humanity through True Parents to fulfill God’s dream. Those who are not reborn again cannot enter into God’s presence. Due to that, we call True Parents’ work “blessing.” In the early days, True Parents continued to bless from 3 couples to 36 couples, 72 couples, 120 couples, 430 couples, until 700 couples. The current world’s population has passed over 7.5 billion people.

This year marked the 58th anniversary of the Holy Wedding. Almost sixty years have passed. Particularly during the Seonghwa Festival, when True Parents are planning to host the Blessing Ceremony, all of humanity needs to know they must be reborn with new life once again through the blessing bestowed by True Parents. These 7 billion people living at the same time as True Parents do not know who True Parents are. They were not even able to hear the term “the blessing.” Why does fallen humanity not know that they are living in the time when they can return as Heavenly Parent’s children? Why could they not participate in the blessing? How many human beings will go to the spirit world still harboring resentment?

When you think about it, you cannot just pretend that you have fulfilled all your responsibility for today and sleep. You can’t be satisfied with that. If so, what should we do? Be responsible! True Father’s wish until his ascension was for everyone to fulfill their responsibilities as tribal messiahs. I started the fire of tribal messiahship a long time ago, but not all of you could internalize it. However, is this year, 2018, different? Or is it not different? Starting from Korea, things have changed! During that time, I revealed several times the truth of the great works and the providence and you replied incoherently. You did not feel desperate. It took six years [for you to feel desperation]. Do you know now? Do you not know? If you know, you must fulfill your responsibilities. Heavenly Parent created the heavens and the earth and gave Adam and Eve the responsibility to become the good ancestors of humanity. Responsibility! They were to grow and unite with the center and the root, our Heavenly Parent. That way, God could say, “Oh, you grew up very well!” Until they were in a position to receive the blessing, they should have had absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. They were not able to do so, thus is the origin of today’s fallen humanity. God cannot discard fallen humanity. God’s ideal of creation must be completed without fail. Because of this, God has worked tirelessly. Due to their given responsibility, humans must triumph!

If True Parents do not appear, Heavenly Parent’s dream of fulfilling the purpose of creation, cannot be achieved. It was so difficult to find and establish the position of True Parents. Did you reflect a lot about having a thankful, grateful, and appreciative heart for that? Now, things have to be different. I told all public officials to come down from their positions. However, I must acknowledge the responsibility you must fulfill as blessed families. Think of your faith from the early days and be reborn anew to invest completely for your goal. Our goal! The finish line is right before your eyes. Reclaim victory for the day that this country can be nationally restored and the Cheon Il Guk flag can wave. Do you understand? Now, we have promised in Heaven’s presence to be victorious by 2020 and not even two years remain.

After this Seonghwa, I hope you can stand in the place where you can do your best in your positions. I will believe in you once again and hope earnestly to see that day of victory. I also will not stop to rest!

The mission headquarters divided Korea, Japan and the United States into five districts. I ordered that to spur a sense of responsibility toward tribal messiahship. Now, only six months remain [before the anniversary of Foundation Day] to show those results. I heard over eight hundred families in Korea have completed their tribal responsibility. I hope not a single member will be left behind and all will be victorious as tribal messiahs for the Family Federation for a Heavenly Korea, Japan, United States and others. I have already instructed that Heavenly Europe, Latin America and Africa divide into five subregions with a leader to renew and strengthen the organization. It is also the same for Asia. Not one person or tribe should fall behind so everyone should make effort to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk whom Heavenly Parent can embrace…

I am the True Parent, the only begotten daughter, the True Mother. I am the Mother of the universe. I cannot be selfish for my own personal interests. As you know, Heavenly Parent established the principles of creation to be that way. Even children must fulfill their responsibility.

So, did I proclaim the four position foundation at Jeongshim Won or not? The first son in the True Family is Hyo Jin. Hyo Jin and Heung Jin are united as one in the spirit world. You have to know the established family traditions, centered on True Parents. When Hyo Jin was alive, he always said, “I am the filial son.” Until the moment he died, his filial heart towards True Parents never changed. Therefore, I am educating his children. These kids have to know the providence that True Mother is working for. They must know from childhood. So they are learning every week. I keep educating them to follow the heavenly way. Therefore, I hope you know the future of our Family Federation and Unificationist family will be strong.

For the providence, if our faith is like the mind, then all organizations are like the body. Globally, the Amazon in Latin America is an important natural region of the world which can protect the ecosystem and human life on Earth. Because this region is like the lungs of the earth, we’ve thought about the future and humanity, and thus, we possess a lot of the land in the Amazon HJ Magnolia Foundation was created now to be a foundation which can save the world. There will be branches in Latin America, as well as Asia. For the future, the foundation will protect the air and the water, which are the lifelines of humanity, and for the unanticipated climate change, it will prevent the loss of many lives. This will not be achieved overnight, but we cannot leave this matter alone now. We have to work hard. We must do everything we can to preserve this area. For our descendants and for our future, people need to think seriously about this.

United with me, you have participated in the completion of this immense providence and its various aspects. Through that, you can become central figures, and register as good ancestors of humankind at the Cheon Bo Won Genealogy Center. True Parents have given you this great blessing. Will you fulfill your responsibility or not?

I hope you will lead lives with no regrets. Do you understand?