True Mother’s Speech 2018 Family Festival in Latin America

The following is an official translation of True Mother’s message from August 4, 2018 at the Allianz Parque Arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Esteemed excellencies, in particular Latin American religious leaders, political leaders, academic leaders, and peace ambassadors, blessed families from the Family Federation, members of YSP and CARP, who are the hope for the future, second- and third-generation members, I love you all!

When we look at the many issues arising throughout the world, whether a bright future is in store for humanity is difficult to say. This is because human knowledge and effort alone cannot solve today’s issues. Due to human beings’ ignorance, our beautiful Earth is currently sick—in its land, its air and its water. In these challenging times, how can we stand by and watch? We must initiate a global movement that attends the Creator, God. To do this, you must clearly know who God is. God created the whole universe in his image, his external form. He created the plants having stamen or pistil, the mineral kingdom having plus and minus, animals as male and female and lastly, men and women to be the ancestors of humanity. In particular, God bestowed a growth period on human beings. They were to grow, unite and absolutely attend God. When God had deemed them mature enough, he would have blessed them as the first ancestors of humanity. However, during their growth period, they allowed self-centeredness to lead them to the Fall. That is today’s fallen humanity’s origin. However, God, the Creator, must have the same beginning and end. God is omniscient and omnipotent. He gave a portion of responsibility to humans and as a result, he cannot re-create fallen human beings. Thus, God initiated the sorrowful and lonely providence of restoration through indemnity.

Today, I would like to speak about The Concluding Point of Heaven’s Providence in the History of Human Civilization. As the Bible tells us, God chose those in the nation of Israel to be the chosen people and sent Jesus Christ after four thousand biblical years—not forty years or four hundred years. It took four thousand years. So, what happened to Jesus? The intent was that Mary and Zechariah (who gave birth to Jesus), Judaic figures and the Israelites would support Jesus and his mission. The chosen people of the time were nowhere to be found as Jesus went the way of the cross. Thieves to the left and right of Jesus accompanied him. At that time, the thief on the left mocked Jesus, but the thief on the right rebuffed the one on the left, saying, “We are hanging on the cross because we have sinned, but this man is sinless.” What did Jesus say then? To the one on the right, he said, “Today, you will be with me in Paradise.”

What is Paradise? It is not the kingdom of heaven. That is why Jesus prophesied that he would come again. He said he would return to host the marriage supper of the Lamb. Jesus was born to become humankind’s true parent. Following Jesus’ crucifixion, many faithful believers, despite having to endure persecution, have been anticipating the day when Jesus would return. After the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles through the Pentecost, Christianity began. Three hundred years after Christianity’s founding, the Roman Empire officially recognized it, and Christianity expanded rapidly from the Italian Peninsula throughout Europe to the British Isles.

However, during this period, people could not understand Jesus’ true nature and they led Christianity based on human understanding and structures. This became Catholicism. At that time, under the direction of King James of Great Britain, the Bible translation into English from Hebrew [and the biblical Textus Receptus from Greek] took place and the Protestant Reformation seeking freedom of religion began.

In the seventeenth century, Puritans, also known as the Pilgrim Fathers, sought to worship God directly within their families and homes. The place where they sought religious freedom we know today as North America. Many Catholics immigrated to South America in pursuit of material freedom. I said before that South America and North America are like the body and mind, respectively. The mind pursued faith and the body pursued material comfort. However, the mind and body must unite and become one. No value comes from separation from one another. So, my husband and I made numerous efforts to create an environment through which Latin America can unite with North America.

More than twenty years ago, True Parents initiated solutions for the food shortage crisis and for preserving basic natural resources, such as clean water and air, which are essential to human existence and are disappearing due to human ignorance. We started providential projects to safeguard the Amazon basin and the Paraguay River basin. However, now people are feeling desperate; their concerns about the environment are genuine. That is why, today, thirty-three Latin American nations have come together with the opportunity to work together and to stand at the forefront with the fifty US states to protect and preserve our God-created Mother Earth. The many nations all over the world will have no peace or future if each values their own nation over others’ and pursues selfishness and extreme individualism.

For over seventy years, the UN has been striving to realize a unified world, but the world still remains as divided as ever. That is why barriers can no longer exist between religious, political and ideological spheres; the only path for humanity to unite is the one of serving our parent in heaven, our Heavenly Parent, the Creator God.

Jesus said he would return and host the marriage supper of the Lamb. What does this mean? In Christianity, the returning Messiah must have a bride, the only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter must be born into a Christian cultural environment. In 1943, I was born as the only begotten daughter, sent by God.

After liberation from the Japanese occupation, Korea divided into north and south. My hometown ended up being in North Korea. God had to protect me during my growth period. However, externally, severe situations were developing. With the division into North Korea and South Korea, the Communist North Korea was already prepared militarily to invade Democratic South Korea. However, South Korea was still not prepared to defend itself. Yet, God had to give me time to mature, so I had to head to South Korea. Two years later, when the Korean War erupted, Heaven mobilized the UN Forces, which comprised soldiers from sixteen countries, to protect Korea and me. If this isn’t a miracle, what is? For six thousand years, God strove endlessly and yearned for the day when he could embrace fallen people as his children. However, until the victorious parents appeared on earth, fallen humanity was unable to return to God’s bosom. That is why realizing our Heavenly Parent’s dream required the birth and maturation of the only begotten daughter. Heaven protected me until I could actualize God’s wish. Thus, in 1960, I ascended into the position of a True Parent, which is why fallen people can now be reborn as God’s children through the blessing. Until now, all people, whether Catholic, Protestant or a member of some other religion, wished to return to God as his child, which is possible through receiving the marriage blessing from True Parents.

This is the best answer to overcoming religious and racial barriers and any other type of barrier. As in the time of Jesus, Christianity could not create a welcoming environment for the Messiah and Savior who ascended to the position of True Parents. Christians today still do not know what the correct path is to attend our Heavenly Parent. They do not understand God’s true nature. Nor do they comprehend Jesus’ true nature.

They did not realize that True Parents were the saviors they were awaiting. As a result, we had to endure tremendous persecution; but times are different now. No path exists to solving all the problems in the world with human effort. No everlasting solutions arise without knowing or attending God. By receiving the marriage blessing, you will be able to move to the position of God’s true child. Fifty-eight years have passed since that time [True Parents’ Holy Wedding]. Our Heavenly Parent is still working hand-in-hand with True Parents and is ushering in a new era of Cheon Il Guk through Foundation Day. Through the Africa Summit in Senegal this year, countless African religious leaders participated in the Blessing Ceremony. In November, I received a report that our South African members will hold a 100,000-person blessing rally. This is the dream that humanity has been yearning for. How can we actualize the dream of one human family? By aligning with and attending our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, all the people and nations in the world can become siblings and realize the dream of one family under God. Our blessed second- and third-generation members are blazing this path! They give us hope for the future. These young people are actively marching forward in the world to become future heroes.  

At this time, we have proposed the International Peace Highway, which can tie the world together. This highway will connect Santiago, Chile, through North America, to Alaska and continue toward Eurasia and even Korea. We can complete this highway in a short time by working together. Will you join me in this project? Families should communicate well with one another. Families who are far away from one another cannot feel great mutual affection. The International Peace Highway is essential for humanity to unite as one family and to foster communication. When we look at the globe, the Americas stand in an important position, like Earth’s spinal cord. I hope the Americas will unite with True Parents and together give hope to humanity and the world. We must protect the Amazon. More than twenty years ago, my husband and I initiated many projects to prepare for this. Therefore, I will launch the HJ Magnolia Foundation, because I want to create an American continent that can provide food and life as an embrace for the rest of the world. These are not empty words. If we join hands and work together, this is definitely possible. When that happens, this blessed continent will become a Heavenly Latin America that can fulfill its responsibilities and attend God. Thank you.