True Mother’s Speech at the Peace Starts With Me: Healing America Victory Celebration

The following is an official translation of True Mother’s message from November 12, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel in Nassau, NY at the Peace Starts With Me: Healing America Victory Celebration.

Did you enjoy your dinner? Today at the rally, as I saw our ministers continuing the spirit of this nation, the spirit of the Pilgrim Fathers that sought religious freedom, I felt hope.

The reason why Heaven blessed this nation [of America] was because it was a democratic nation that could lay the foundation for the returning Lord. God raised this country as a democratic nation, which means that a single leader does not make the decisions, but that it considers the greater good and strives to have good policies and politics through public opinion.

Heaven created an environment that could receive the Messiah because if the mistake that happened two thousand years ago when Jesus Christ was born was repeated, there would be no hope.

Today, the center of this nation is not the president. It the ministers; you are the owners. The president changes every 5 years in this country, yet you are eternal.

As owners, what should you do? You have [a portion of] responsibility. Owners should raise their children well by standing in the position of parents. Your children are your church members that you minister to. You are leading public lives as ministers, yet as I mentioned in my speech earlier today, fallen people cannot go in front of God; they cannot go in front of Heavenly Parent. This is the reason the providence of restoration through indemnity took six thousand years. Since this is so, you all must receive the Blessing and as a Blessed family, you must Bless your congregations.

A Blessed family is the basic unit to achieving Heaven’s Will, Heavenly Parent’s dream, True Parents’ dream and humankind’s hope. What would happen to this nation if all the clergymen in America, a representative nation, upheld True Parents’ will and true families restored all believers? You are the owners of this nation. What will you do? 

Please become true owners who attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents at the center. Then, you should not stop at this nation but you should bless all 7.6 billion people without missing a single family and become messiahs that guide them to becoming true children of Heavenly Parent. Will you do this? I send my endless love to all of you!