True Mother’s Words at Famicon 2018

The following is an official translation of True Mother’s speech on March 16, 2018, at Famicon 2018, which was held at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

I am pleased to meet you everyone. Please take your seats. Can you see me well? Can you see me better now?

During this past celebration of Foundation Day, I asked this question: “At this current moment, where do you stand?” Do you remember this question? Where do you currently stand? Following the fall of Adam and Eve, God had to lead the undesired providence of salvation through indemnity, the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity. How arduous and painful must this course have been that it took 4,000 years until the people of Israel could be raised through this long, historical and providential dispensation? When the people of Israel laid a foundation at the national level, Heavenly Parent sent Jesus Christ as promised.

However, what happened to Jesus? Did the people of Israel fulfill their responsibility or not? As a result, the Old Testament Age became a past [dispensation]. Following Jesus’ crucifixion, Christianity emerged centering on the revival initiated by the Holy Spirit. In the early days of Christianity, Christians endured tremendous persecution and martyrdom. However, Jesus prophesized that he would come again and Christians waited [for the Second Advent] with faith. Through the works of the Holy Spirit and the efforts of the Apostles, Christianity developed.

Now, I would like to ask you this question: where does the term trinity come from? Catholicism speaks of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and in so doing, usually draws a triangle. Who created this term? Jesus did not speak of the trinity. Originally, God created heaven and earth and he created all of Heaven and Earth in accordance with His Original Form. Thus, in the mineral world, we can see plus and minus, among plants, we see stamen and pistil, in the animal world, we can identify male and female and [Heavenly Parent] created humankind as man and woman.

The birth of any living organism does not begin with the male; birth is possible through the mother. Looking back at the creation of Heaven and Earth, if Heavenly Parent had the Holy Father, there was also the Holy Mother [within Heavenly Parent]. Therefore, the current definition of the trinity is wrong. Within Heavenly Parent is the Holy Father and the Holy Mother, the True Parents. This is how Heavenly Parent should be explained. Isn’t that so?

Now, the New Testament Age also became an age of the past and through True Parents, we welcomed the Completed Testament Age. However, even the Completed Testament Age became an age of the past. In 2013, the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother proclaimed Foundation Day and the starting year of Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, we currently do not live in the era of the Completed Testament Age but in the era of Cheon Il Guk and in order to earn your qualifications as citizen of Cheon Il Guk, you must fulfill the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiah. That is the position where you need to stand.

Tribal Messiahship does not end with blessing 430 families. It is when all blessed 430 families also each complete the blessing of 430 families that a national level foundation capable of expanding to the world can be established. In so doing, we can realize the long awaited wish of Heavenly Parent and humanity: the world of one family under the Heavenly Parent. Please understand that looking at today’s reality, this can be accomplished. Do you understand?

Therefore, with what determination are you living in this present age? With regards to True Parents, we must make sure that there is no one among all of humanity that does not know about True Parents. Moreover, the fact that the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother, is here right now and is leading the current providence is something all of humanity should know. I am sure you felt this during the African Summit.

Senegal is not the leading power of Africa; moreover, it is a Muslim nation. Our membership there is also quite small. In such a nation, however, we were able to host a Summit with heads of state representing the continent. This was an impossible task. However, I made a firm resolve.

At the time, the leaders of our movement suggested hosting the Summit in a nation with a greater membership and a nicer external environment. Despite such suggestions, [I remained firm] and said no. Heaven worked so hard to prepare the righteous individuals for this very moment. In particular, in the Christian cultural realm, it is not easy to embrace Islam. Now, Senegal is an Islamic nation and Africa has carried the wounds of slavery for so long. [The former slave port of] Goree Island is close to the city of Dakar. That is why I resolved to liberate Africa and implement the worldwide providence of salvation through Africa. This is the reason I chose to host the Summit in Senegal.

The Messiah; all of humanity yearns for the Messiah and the advent of the Messiah should at least take place at the national level. Unfortunately, 2,000 years ago, even though Heaven worked to prepare the people of Israel, they failed in their responsibility and Jesus could not stand on a national level and emerge as the True Parent. Hence, [Jesus] prophesied that he would come again. Therefore, with regards to Heaven’s providence, when looking at the 2,000 year history of Christianity, what is more important than the Second Advent of the Messiah, is the advent of the Only Begotten Daughter who comes from Heaven’s lineage with no relations to Satan, just as Jesus did 2,000 years ago. Unless the Only Begotten Daughter is born, the returning Messiah cannot advance to the position of True Parent.

In the gospel of Matthew, it is written that people can be forgiven for slandering the Messiah. However, whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven. Do you remember this passage? This means that with regard to the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity, we are in the Last Days. Whoever blasphemes against the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother shall find no salvation. You must understand this. We are in the Last Days. Do you understand?

Therefore, please awaken people from their ignorance. You must teach them. Regarding the members of the True Family, there have been some issues. They do not understand Heaven’s providence. One of them claims to be the eldest son. I do not know whether the concept of eldest son is as strong in Western culture but in Eastern culture, in particular in Confucianism, the concept of eldest son [is strong.] The eldest son carries the family name. When the eldest son ascends to the spirit world, the second or third son does not become the eldest. The line continues with the son of the eldest son; it is that son’s responsibility. No matter how old the uncles may be, the ancestors should be attended by attending the eldest son’s son as the center. This is the tradition of Eastern, of Confucian culture.

However, regarding Heaven’s providence, what is clear is that True Parents are True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. There is no previous or future True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. This means, there can be no concept of inheritor or successor. Do you understand?

With regards to carrying on the tradition of True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the person standing in the position of eldest son can become a central figure in carrying on the tradition. In simple terms, this son stands in a position akin to the High Priest. There are High Priests in each nation; those among you who are responsible for a nation are the High Priests of that nation. However, regarding the providence as a whole, when it comes to establishing the tradition centering on True Parents, the eldest son’s line will carry this mission through the generations. Do you understand what I mean?

Just as there is only one Heavenly Parent, there is only one True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Please remember this. Do you understand? Thank you. You are all truly wise and sensible. I need to proudly speak of all of you once again.

To reiterate, there can be no confusion or side branches hampering us on the path we are taking; please understand that there is only one path.

I have patiently waited and endured for a long time. I was born and grew as Heavenly Parent’s daughter. This is why even if no one taught me the Divine Principle, I knew Heaven’s providence. That is how I made a firm resolve at a young age. I became the subject [of the providence]. My thought was that I will realize Heavenly Parent’s dream during my lifetime.

In the future, the Divine Principle will need many updates. What I mean is that theories from the Completed Testament Age do not suffice. I spoke to all of you that I would build and prepare a foundation that would enable all of humanity throughout the world to experience internally and externally the achievements of True Parents, agree with True Parents and understand easily their providence. Did I achieve this goal or not?

Furthermore, how would the world of peace that Heavenly Parent and humanity yearn for look like? After resolving to make a model [for the world of peace] and expand this model, what happened to the Cheonwon Complex? You all came to Korea for True Parent’s Birthday celebrations isn’t it? Each year, the [Cheonwon Complex] will look different. I am working so hard; should you or should you not expand Heaven’s foundation in your respective nations and throughout the world?

It is because I saw that potential [in America] that I suddenly came here. We shall realize the restoration of the nation and the restoration of the world without fail! Isn’t that so?