About YAM

Our Mission

To equip and empower young adult Unificationists to take ownership to manifest God and True Parents’ love and truth in this world.

Our Vision

A community of Unificationist young adults: 
owning their lives of faith deepening their relationship with True Parents building authentic relationships making an impact

Our Role

The role of national YAM is to create a network for collaboration and sharing best practices. Also, we offer educational resources and opportunities through Discussion Series and workshops and retreats.

Meet the Team

Naokimi Ushiroda

Youth & Young Adult Ministry Director
Naokimi Ushiroda was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979 and just three years later, he moved with his family to Queens, NY. In 2004, Naokimi graduated from the Wharton School of Business. He also attended the Special Task Force missionary training program for three years where he served as a fundraising team member, team leader, group leader, and event staff. During college, he founded a local CARP chapter focused on interfaith dialogue and led the club as student president for three years. In 2007, Naokimi became the National Youth Ministry Director for HSA-UWC, where he developed a network of 40+ youth ministry leaders and launched a youth leadership program called Jr. STF. In 2012, he helped to develop and host the Leadership Program for the Generation Peace Academy and the future upcoming leaders of HSA-UWC. In the summer of 2013, he was appointed as the CARP President for America. Naokimi received the Marriage Blessing in 2000 with Shukuko Yono from New York. He and his wife live in New Jersey and have three children.

Tasnah Moyer

National Program Coordinator

Tasnah serves as the Program Coordinator for National Young Adult Ministry. She is passionate about creating opportunities for young adults to explore and deepen an authentic relationship with themselves, God and True Parents, and others. Whether through retreats and seminars, educational curriculum, or one-on-one relationships, she finds a deep fulfillment and joy in the empowering individuals in their journey of growth and discovery. Tasnah is an alumna of STF (2007-2010) and of the University of Bridgeport where she served for two years as the youth pastor. She currently serves as a founding Board member of COR. In her free time she's building her business, pursuing a love for wedding and event planning. She loves frisbee, rock climbing, and running, and spends her free time writing, crafting, and drinking tea. She lives in Philadelphia, PA with her younger siblings, two of her favorite people.