Discussion Series Archive

Below is a collection of Discussion Series for use in your young adult ministry, small group, or trinity setting! 

Each Discussion Series includes a collection of 4 or more Conversations that consist of points to ponder, a series of related quotes, insightful discussion questions, and a practical application for the week.

What Do I Stand For?

A 4-week Discussion Series exploring the value of living a life of integrity, standing for the purity of love and continued growth in our own lives.

Value System

A 4-week Discussion Series delving into where our original value comes from, how we can cultivate a God-centered view point, create a life of purpose where we live for the sake of others.

Joy of Service

A 4-week Discussion Series exploring the joy that comes from a life of service, cultivating gratitude, teamwork, and how we can positively impact our circle of influence.

A Peace Loving Global Citizen

A 13-week small group Discussion Series exploring the first two books of True Father’s autobiography.  *New “Conversations” added weekly throughout Fall 2017.*

8 Life of Faith Habits

An 8-week Discussion Series exploring the basic habits that lay a foundation for a thriving, healthy, life of faith.