“Level UP” DP Workshop by Maryland YAM

Level Up:

Your faith, Your standard, and Your freedom with this 18+ seven day Divine Principle Workshop!

What It’s About:

Figuring out our own life path while also dealing with wider concerns regarding the future of our movement and the world at large can be overwhelming and unsettling. This retreat aims to create a place and time where we can renew our sense of direction and clarity, our sense of hope and purpose, and experience deep reflection and connection with our brothers and sisters.

The Structure:

This will be a full 7 day workshop. Our two main guest speakers are William Haines and Frank Kaufman, both of whom are passionate and devoted educators for Second Gen, who have worked closely with the D.O.N.E leadership training program in Europe. The first portion of the workshop will be an in-depth, practical study of the Divine Principle that explores both the historical context of the stories in the DP as well as the implications and applications these lessons have to our personal daily lives. Upon this foundation, the second half of the workshop will focus on honest and open reflection about the issues that challenge us, particularly in our movement and in our lives of faith.


Pine Creek Retreat, Gore, VA.


January 5th to January 11th

Arrival: 2-4pm
Departure: 2-4pm

$350 Early Bird 10/28-11/28
$365 Normal 11/29-12/15
$380 Late 12/16-12/25

(Once you register, we will email you about payment options.)


Please e-mail us at dmvyam@gmail.com


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